Jiaojiao, more stuff!Confirmed zhao Benshan and small 25 years old guan Tingna’s affair, said it is a true story

Hungry?Click right to follow us and bring you the latest hardcore entertainment every day!Recently, Jiao Jiao (real name Zhang Yujiao) and Zhao Benshan broke up, the uproar, she updated a number of dynamic complaints former teacher, causing hot discussion among netizens.In her latest video, a netizen advised it not to be too impulsive, leave a way back for yourself, by the way asked zhao Benshan and Guan Tingna’s gossip is true.I didn’t expect Jiaojiao really replied to this message, saying with certainty: “True story!”When she broke the story and confirmed it, it quickly caused controversy.Guan Tingna is only 39 years old, she is fully 25 years younger than 64-year-old Zhao Benshan, in 2004 after the debut of “Ma Da Shuai”, “Village love”, “22nd marriage rules” and other hit dramas, career development is very smooth.This year, she continued to appear in “Country Love 14”, as “Wang Dana” wife Yang Xiaoyan, again with Zhao Benshan as a husband and wife, the state is still maintained particularly good.On the afternoon of February 12, Guan Tingna posted a selfie video, only wearing a gray vest, but it is difficult to mask beauty, temperament is also very outstanding.This dynamic comment polarization, some people believe that Jiao Jiao’s Revelations are real hammer, but also advised Guan Tingna not to respond to this matter, protect yourself.At present, Guan Tingna did not reply to netizens in the comment section.But she heard this in the studio, very angry, advised everyone to control their mouth, do not speak.Guan Tingna said he was just a signed actor, not the staff of the mountain media, so jiao Jiao is not a colleague relationship, two people privately no intersection.Finally she angrily angrily: “the dog bite me I will not hit, only blame the dog crazy, can only blame me a little back!”Guan Tingna did not directly deny his and Zhao Benshan’s scandal, also do not want to say more, such an attitude makes “melon eating masses” more curious about the relationship between the two people.Guan Tingna has worked with Zhao Benshan many times, two people often play husband and wife, there are a lot of intimate scenes, with a very tacit understanding, play in play outside the relationship is also better, so the gossip for many years.Zhao benshan was originally a respected elder who had left so many fond memories for the audience on the gala stage that he was highly respected.Recently, however, he has been embroiled in a storm of negative publicity.Apprentice Jiao Jiao announced to leave the mountain media, claiming to have endured several years of grievance, and now to slowly fight back.Jiao Jiao and Zhao benshan turned against each other, many times posted angry criticism of the so-called artist arbitrary control of other people’s fate, trying to control the sky, which she felt very unfair.However, Zhao ignored jiao jiao’s accusations and stayed at home spending quality time with his family.Zhao benshan and his second wife Ma Lijuan married, they have a pair of twins, the family life is simple and happy.He also celebrated his wife’s 56th birthday on October 29, 2021.As for what is the relationship between Zhao Benshan and Guan Tingna, also need to wait for the response of the parties, I hope he can deal with the dispute with Jiao Jiao as soon as possible.So what do you think?# zhao Benshan #, # Guan Tingna #, # Jiao Jiao # Author: Small Mountain this article by gai Fan entertainment original, welcome to pay attention to, take you with long knowledge!

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