Network printer cannot print across network segments?Here’s a simple and effective way to deal with it

In the LAN, the most common is the shared printer, or directly use the network printer, now of course, more recommended the latter, normally speaking, across the VLAN network segment printing, there is no problem.The public cloud desktop can also print to the local printer. Although the USB mapping is not stable and often has problems, the network printer is basically no problem. Generally speaking, it can print if it can ping through.Two days ago, there was a customer, they have been using the cloud desktop of telecom, and there is a cloud dedicated to the local machine room, but after a new digital printing machine, the cloud desktop can not print.The fault symptom is as shown in the preceding figure: The printer can be pinged through on the cloud, but cannot print, and the WEB configuration page cannot be opened.The troubleshooting process is as follows: 1. Check the IP address of the printer. First, it is suspected that the subnet mask is incorrectly written or the gateway IP address is not filled in when the IP address of the printer is set.As it turned out, I thought too much, the printer IP configuration is correct, completely no problem;2. Check the switch configuration. Is the MAC address bound on the switch?Some switches may occasionally have access to manually configured IP addresses if MAC address binding is configured.However, after logging in to the switch, it is not found that the IP address of the printer is bound to the MAC address, and the original printer is also the same IP address. Therefore, there is no problem with the IP address direction, and there is no possibility of service denial by the firewall.3. Check the Intranet VLAN configuration. The customer only reported that the cloud desktop could not print, but when I connected to the Intranet through the server, THE WEB configuration page of the printer could not be opened on the server.Check the VLAN configuration on the core switch. No ACL can cause this problem. At least, the problem is identified: the printer cannot print and manage across vlans.4, to look back on the printer according to the previous screen, determine the network no problem, ask the customer after that, in addition a digital printer is working properly, four vlans, whether it be a local network or cloud desktop, can the normal print, it is further confirmed that the network no problem, only the new printer problem.But I turned over the printer’s network configuration, and there was nothing wrong with it.After thinking for a few minutes, I decided to let the customer manually operate the digital printer to see whether there are relevant configuration options in the network configuration interface. These options may not be displayed in the web page.Telephone guide customers into the “network Settings”, and then click “TCP/IP Settings” to let the customer tell me, after entering there is no setting options, when the customer said “fast IP filtering”, my heart speed up, I thought, this problem must be caused by the so-called “filtering”.The current setting is “only the printed data in the same network segment will be received, and all other data will be filtered out”.Excitedly urging the customer to change this quick filter to “no filter”, ok!All vlans can print in an instant, and the same is true for the cloud desktop. The problem is happily solved, but I have to wonder why the WEB configuration page can’t find the relevant Settings.Re-login to the WEB configuration page, ha ha, now there is a “filter” option, all manually to the panel operation, now show this menu is what use ah?I was looking through the IPsec options.I have to say, this configuration of Konica is really rubbish, since it supports WEB configuration, why not make the menu function complete, who want to cheat?

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