Ningqiang traffic police responded to the snow weather to protect the road smooth and protect the safety of people

On February 18, Ningqiang county again ushered in snow weather, Ningqiang County public Security Bureau traffic management brigade quickly launched severe weather emergency plan, strengthen road control, dredge and maintain smooth, to ensure the late Spring Festival road traffic safety, orderly, smooth.For the snow weather, first, the main leaders of the brigade command the front, master the road traffic situation in the area in real time, timely communicate and coordinate with traffic, highway and other departments, and actively do the road de-icing and snow removal work.Second, the huangba Yi Squadron and the police on duty at the Da ‘an dangerous chemical checkpoint focus on the diversion control of dangerous chemical transport vehicles, police car belt and other ways to divert the stranded dangerous chemical transport vehicles on the road to the maximum extent.Third, each rural police station (traffic police squadron) strengthened the patrol control of the road under its area, set up warning signs and signs in time, persuaded the passing drivers to install anti-skid chains, and took measures such as persuasion and road closure when it was difficult to pass the road normally, and suspended the operation of passenger trains in Bashan, Maoba river and Erlang Batong Village.Fourth, students will have a holiday on Friday, and all rural police stations (traffic police squadrons) will strictly check the overcrowding of rural vans, illegal carrying of tricycles and agricultural vehicles, and traffic violations such as driving on the road without licenses and licenses to ensure the safety of students’ travel.Fifth, we actively use we-media, wechat group to send road information and travel notes in rainy and snowy weather, to ensure the safety of the masses.Ningqiang Traffic police prompt: snow, ice, fog and other severe weather travel risks, hope that the majority of traffic participants must improve their safety awareness, pay close attention to the weather and road information before travel, obey the command of the traffic police, do not overspeed, blind overtaking, rush for traffic, to avoid the occurrence of road traffic accidents.

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