Qinling village New Year, 20 years of change

Some thoughts about the New Year.Ling sound book break, winter after spring calendar.Near the village more timid, dare not ask people.Maybe that’s how our ancestors used to feel, but now, with the Chinese New Year coming up in 2022, returning home is a challenge.Since the epidemic broke out on December 23, 2019, I have not been able to go back to my hometown smoothly in the past three years, and the hometown I grew up in seems to have existed in a dream.I vaguely remember the winter when I was in grade six in primary school when I was very young. In the winter filled with snow, I went to school with my friends and sister in the village.It was three or four kilometers from home to the town’s primary school and junior high school. At that time, I had good physical strength. In winter, I would get up with my friends before dawn at five o ‘clock every day, carrying a brazier and a bucket of pickled pickles in a hurry to the town.School heating equipment When I was young, there was no heating equipment in the classroom, so I had to carry a brazier to school to keep warm.I remember that one of my friends accidentally set fire to cotton pants because of the charcoal fire. At that time, cotton pants were manually stitched and filled with cotton, so it was difficult to put out the fire again. Sometimes the cotton was burned for most of the time, and the skin was burned when the cotton pants were found.Brazier and brazier is made with three iron wire a porcelain bowl, can have a porcelain bowl of the brazier is the greatest satisfaction when I was a child, more often is made with paint barrels and other discarded barrels brazier.When I look at the school 20 years later, I don t know how they feel when they are sitting in the classroom, but THANKS to this era, children do not have to suffer.The paint bucket to school breakfast and lunch pickled pickles is corn paste soup lunch meal best match, corn paste soup rice to eat the belly, eight kilometers a day for that time we are very big challenge, exhausted walking every day, not to mention how cold, winter more time of is a hand and foot swelling in the cold,From 1998 to 2003, the winter of Qinling mountains was cold and cold, and the annual snow was always 20 to 30 cm thick, but so far in 2009, it is rare to see such a big snow.Looking back 20 years later, the country has solved the problem of lunch for rural children, free lunch in school, and choice of abundant food provided by school for dinner.Paste soup rice dropped out, south to work is the memory of the heavy snow of winter, the junior middle school second grade sister on a morning after class go with more than three kilometers pickle to the school, we go to school on the way, the snow on the road is slippery, is easy to fell in his hand, in a glass jar of pickles are broken.At that time sad bawling, junior high school winter in school accommodation without electric blanket, the pickles and broken a ground, now think of the despair of that time perhaps no one can understand, that is, from that time on, hit the heart to leave school, 2002 was to go to Guangzhou Industrial Shenzhen south to work boom.A terrible idea arose, to work south.From that fall broke pickles, sister no longer stay in school, after the concerted persuasion of classmates and teachers finally failed to keep sister in school last time.Vaguely remember that should be 2003 Lunar New Year is about to Chinese New Year, the same is the snow one morning, was already put winter vacation, I haven’t got up mother to sister with big bags of small bags of things to send sister to the town county up to catch the train to guangdong……Snow after the rural road from then on no longer so long in the time to stay together, go out means forever gather less from more, life is also mostly leave, and get together day is always too little.The rural winter has passed for 20 years, but the hardships suffered in 2002 have always remained in my memory. At 5 o ‘clock in the morning, a group of small friends rushed to the primary school in the town. The snow and ice soaked the feet all over the sky, and there were straw piles where a group of children could be found every morning.Sewing cotton-padded shoes wet feet, around the fire is a group of children in the fire, a little dry baked wet cotton-padded shoes, cotton-padded shoes from the steam from the masses of fog, from afar as if is a fog.Engineering 20 years later in 2022 countries, eggs and milk, when again see project issued by the state, eggs and milk in a neighbor’s milk, could not help feeling in the heart age change fast, the children all eggs milk have got tired of, don’t drink the milk home, from 1996-2005 over the past few years we compulsory education phase that group of partners but drink plain boiled water,A cold steamed bun every morning for nearly 10 years.As if shuttling back and forth, everything has changed and everything seems to have not changed. What has not changed is the mountains and rivers, and what has changed is the old people, the renovated houses, and the revised roads.But all in all everything in the new road to the good aspects of change, increasingly rich material life, but people are no longer back to the former mental state, once the rural is bold and unrestrained, gathered, ChaoChao upward, a year after the Spring Festival grade 4 villagers began to busy farming, fertilizing manure, corn from, thin soil requirements, selling food money ready to sign up for the children…Deserted road after 20 years of everyone’s life is getting better, most of the school settled finally went to the city, the group of partners also didn’t go to school in my hometown with some successes, may not be the best or better, people’s lives are walking towards the direction of the material and living environment better, even didn’t go to school in the site move brick also can let the home have had a very good time,Is different from our mental suffering and physical pain, but we this group of partners for the next generation of children, has been able to enjoy the life we have desire, the results of our parents and our efforts to have the third generation of people live a better life, but the price paid in the process of the is a bit big, now the parents how much more are left and the body health of irreversible disease.Life around farming used to revolve around farming in the countryside, and farming land was not very rich for life at that time. Agricultural taxes, tuition fees and so on were not a small expense.Our family’s cousin cousin’s family in the village school is a typical representative of the poor, remember every time after the Spring Festival begins to pull money bags of corn to street, steep road muddy my father and I took a rack truck filled with food wobbly walk on the way to nowhere in the village, selling more than 20 bags a food is sold more than one thousand dollars,That is our home, the three children’s registration fees, this scene only our cousin cousin home school children more or have a high school to college will have, has already put our family in the village school struggle in extreme poverty, and other people have no children to continue to go to school at home has been built up buildings, full of grain, the continued accumulation of cash,Those of us who go to school have nothing but the belief that children go to school.Rural old 20 years of shuttle to keep everything changed, now junior just finished had not had such a busy scene, pig cow without fertilization, panic without clicking in the fields, the youth years haven’t finished just went to work to work in a hurry, leaving the older people in the village they almost every day and the sun, ready to spend his last corner.

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