Return zheng change “red code” how to solve?Who needs nucleic acid?All your questions have been answered

Before returning zhengzhou on February 3, I am in ‘Zheng good do’ reported to prepare, the result goes to an unit to go to work, sweep code to discover oneself is red code, but pay treasure go up healthy code still is green, what is this case?On the afternoon of February 6th, Mr. Li suddenly found himself a red code person. Many people have the same situation as him. However, at around 11 am, Mr. Li successfully became a green code person.Why did it get red before?After learning the details, the reporter contacted zhengzhou Epidemic prevention and control health hotline 12320 and learned that in addition to normal reporting, we can also try Mr. Li’s solution to scan the code and turn “red”, which may be related to the failure of reporting multiple mobile phone numbers. If you encounter the above problems, don’t panic, this is not an individual case.According to incomplete statistics, there have been more than 200 requests for help about the health code in the menu bar of “Zheng Zai-fighting COVID-19” on the official account of “Zhengzhou Release”, most of which are “the health code has been reported in advance, the health code is green, but when scanning the code in public places it turns red”.Later, the reporter called zhengzhou’s epidemic prevention and control health hotline 12320, and the staff suggested that everyone report all the mobile phone numbers they are using, contact the community where they live, and apply to the community to change codes according to the requirements of the community.”If your health code is green and your health code is red, it’s basically a reporting problem.For example, if you have two mobile phone numbers you are using and only one of them is reported to zheng Haoban, you may have a red code problem.”According to the staff, according to the logic of the big data system, our mobile phone number and ID card are related, but maybe the number you reported is not the one identified by the system. The system captured the phone number you did not report, so it swept out the red code.”There is also a possibility that your ID card is bound to your family’s phone number, or the phone number used many years ago, which is still tied under your name without cancellation, and will also be your phone number by default.”Accordingly, the staff member suggests, everybody reports the mobile phone number that he is using.The specific operation method is to register “Zheng Haoban” APP with another mobile phone number, and then report to “Return to Zheng Personnel Registration management” on the home page of the APP.After this operation, Mr. Lee has successfully converted to green code.It is worth noting that, in addition to reporting multiple mobile phone numbers in the “Zheng Haoban” APP, once red code problems occur, they should also report to the community (village) where they live and apply for transcoding.Those who voluntarily report to Or from Zhengzhou will be free of charge if they need to be quarantined in a centralized manner.Those who fail to report as required shall bear the expenses of accommodation, food and nucleic acid testing if they need to be quarantined in a centralized manner.Those who cause the spread of the epidemic and endanger public security by not voluntarily reporting, intentionally concealing information or failing to implement epidemic prevention and control measures as required will be investigated for legal responsibility in accordance with the Law on the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases, Law on Punishment for Public Security Administration and other relevant laws and regulations.Zhengzhou city outside return all needs to do after work, living for zheng zheng nucleic acid testing in addition to the above problems, today there are many low risk area in the province return zheng personnel received the SMS notification, zhengzhou government SMS platform requirements “must be completed within 48 hours of zhengzhou city a nucleic acid detection, if not on time for nucleic acid detection, health will be assigned a yellow yard.”Staff of Zhengzhou epidemic prevention and control health hotline 12320 said that according to circular No. 27 issued by Zhengzhou, all people who come to Zhengzhou from outside zhengzhou and need to stay in Zhengzhou for a long time (living or working in Zhengzhou) must report to their communities in time and take nucleic acid tests.However, people entering zhengzhou from low-risk areas in the province (those who do not need to stay for a long time) only need double-code examination, and nucleic acid test certificate is not required.In addition, what is described in Circular no. 39 is that people from low-risk areas in The province do not need nucleic acid test certificates to enter Zhengzhou. If they intend to stay for a long time, they need to take nucleic acid test in time.Why do some returning citizens receive text messages and others don’t?In this regard, the staff explained that the above messages are sent in batches based on big data. “We may not receive them at the same time, but we will certainly receive them intermittently.Citizens who need to stay in Zhengzhou for work or residence should take nucleic acid tests as soon as possible as long as they return to Zhengzhou from outside zhengzhou.”Do I need a nucleic acid test negative certificate to come to (or return to) Zheng from expressways, railway stations or airplanes after the Holiday?There is a need for people from outside the province and those from the provinces affected to return to Zheng.– Aircraft — According to the requirements of Zhengzhou City’s epidemic prevention and control work, passengers arriving at Zhengzhou Airport by air are still required to hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate for 48 hours (paper or electronic version is acceptable), scan the Zheng Health code as green code and leave the airport with normal body temperature.Passengers without valid nucleic acid testing certificates should be tested at the temporary nucleic acid testing points set up at the airport.Passengers departing by air can only enter the terminal if their health code is green and their body temperature is normal. No longer will the nucleic acid certificate of 48 hours be checked.Due to different epidemic prevention and control policies in different regions, travelers are advised to learn about the epidemic prevention and control requirements of their airlines and destinations in advance.According to Circular No. 39 issued by Zhengzhou, people from outside the province and those from cities or prefecture-level cities affected by the epidemic are required to check negative nucleic acid tests within 48 hours when entering Zhengzhou.As of 12 o ‘clock, February 4, 2022, the latest news: when the high-speed train returns to Zhengzhou, passengers arriving in the province show their tickets without nucleic acid examination.Do I need to hold the negative nucleic acid test certificate if I leave Zhengzhou after the holiday via the expressway, railway station or plane?Don’t need.According to circular No. 39 issued by Zhengzhou, exit inspection will be cancelled at Xinzheng Airport, Zhengzhou East Railway Station, Zhengzhou Station and other highway traffic service stations.Has zhengzhou Passenger Station resumed operation?Urban passenger stations resumed operation in an orderly manner.At 0 o ‘clock on January 31, 2022, road transport passenger lines (including customized passenger transport) from Zhengzhou to and from the province (except the cities where middle and high risk regions are located) will resume normal operation, urban passenger stations will resume operation in an orderly manner, and tourist and chartered passenger transport will not resume operation for the time being.Note: Due to different epidemic prevention and control policies in different regions, it is recommended to know the epidemic prevention and control requirements of destinations before traveling.You can search “State Council Mini-program” on wechat, Alipay or Baidu for local epidemic prevention and control measures, enter “Local epidemic prevention and control policies and measures”, and enter the place of origin and destination.Henan province center for disease control and prevention to remind you again the current grim situation of the epidemic prevention and control at home and abroad are complex, please continue to maintain a high level of protection consciousness of epidemic prevention and control this alert not to put fluky psychology, remember that danger is the result of careless adhere to the scientific wearing masks wash their hands, often ventilated, don’t keep a safe distance, the good hygienic habit, if not necessaryNot to travel to high risk areas of everyone to become their healthy the first vaccinations as early as possible will be 6 months after positive coronavirus vaccine immunization to strengthen needle to avoid the risk of infection is to contribute to epidemic prevention and control of let us hand in hand with their peers, a concerted effort to strengthen the prevention and control of hard-won achievements as soon as possible for the final victory of the war “epidemic”

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