Spring Festival holiday return peak is coming, a new round of rain and snow will hit!How to make a smooth return?Look left

Today is the New Year’s day, and we are sorry to inform you that your holiday balance is already short of the New Year’s gleason on The New Year’s EveIn 2022, there will be 7 days of Spring Festival holiday, free passage of small buses with 7 seats and below on expressways.Free time from 0 jan 31 to 24 feb 6 (Chinese New Year’s Eve to the sixth day of the first lunar month).On February 4th to 6th (the fourth day to the sixth day of the New Year), the traffic flow of short-distance visiting relatives and friends in all counties, cities and towns is superimposing the traffic flow of enterprises and public institutions returning to work, gathering in key cities as the center, forming a concentrated return peak.The entrance and exit of toll stations around large and medium-sized cities show tidal characteristics, and the predicted congestion time is mainly concentrated from 9:00 to 11:00 and from 14:00 to 20:00 every day, especially on the sixth day of the first lunar month (February 6), dense return traffic flows will form and reach the peak flow.The gleASon G4 expressway in Changsha and Xiangtan of Beijing, Gleason G4 and Gleason GLEason G4G60 Shanghai-Kunming expressway xiangtan section, Shaoyang section;G5513 changzhang Expressway Changyi Section;S50 changzhi High-speed Changsha section;G6021 changsha section of Hangzhou-Changsha Expressway;G0421 xuguang expressway Xiangtan section, Hengyang section;S20 Pingdong high-speed Zhaizilun junction to Fengxingshan junction section;G72 quannan expressway and G0422 wuzhen-Shenzhen expressway Pingshui Hub to Mengtanghub common line segmentLijiatang junction of GLEASon G4, Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao, and GLEASon G0401, Changsha ringG0401 changsha Roundabout and G4 Yangzichong Junction;G4 Beijing Hong Kong and Macao and G6021 Hang Chang intersection of Changsha North Hub;G0401 中 国 城 市 和 G6021 中 国 城 市 intersection huanghua junction;G5513长 zhang-G0421 xu-Guang intersection of Jianjia-ao junction;S50 changzhi and G0421 Xuguang intersection of daolin hub;G5517 changchang Northern line and G0401 Changsha ring intersection of guanyinyan hub;G4 Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao and G60 Shanghai-Kunming intersection of Yin Jia ‘ao hub;G60 Shanghai and G0421 xuguang intersection of taling hub;G60 Shanghai and G55 two Canton intersection 梽 Wushan hub;G5513 changzhang and S20 pingdong intersection of Sujiaba hub;G5517 changchang North line and S20 pingdong intersection of bijia Mountain hub;G0422 wushen and G1517 Puyan intersection yanling west junction;S20 pingdong and S71 Huachang intersection of Zhaizilun hub;G56 hangrui and G65 Baomao intersection of phoenix hub;G0421 广 西 和 G72 广 西 intersection of iron city hub.>> Focus on G4 toll station: Xingsha, Pingjiangxi, Yueyang, Yuhua, Lijiatang, Zhaoshan, Majiahe, Zhuzhou west, Chenzhou toll station;G60 Shanghai-Kunming expressway: Xiangtan North, Shaoyang South, Shaodong, Zhouwangbu toll station;G0401 changsha Roundabout expressway: Songya Lake, Changlong, Ganshan, Luzhiling Toll station;G6021杭 州 长高速 : changsha, sany, huanghua, yong ‘an toll station;G5513长张高速 : changsha west toll station, chaoyang toll station;S21长 strains High-Speed: Langli east toll station, Zhuzhou toll station;S41 changtan West Expressway: Bachelor toll Station, Jiuhua Toll Station;G0421 xU Guang expressway: Yangjiaqiao toll station;S19 Liuhong Expressway: Liuyang West toll station;S50 changzhi High-speed: Yuelu toll station;S01 ningshao High-speed: Shaoshan toll station;S51 nanyue Expressway: Nanyue Toll Station;S80 heng Shao high-speed: Stone drum toll station;G0401 changsha Bypass expressway: Huanghuatang, Pingtang, Dato, Dongjing, Wanlinan, Laobaohe, Xingang, Xingcheng, Jinqiao, Wanlibei, Wangcheng Through the opening area toll station;Airport Expressway: Changsha East Toll Station.>> Focus on service area G4 Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao Expressway: Xiaotang, Yizhang, Suzhou, Yongxing, Leiyang, Yancheng, Hengshan, Zhaoshan, Changsha, Dajing, Linxiang service area;G60 Shanghai-Kunming expressway: Liling, Xiangtan, Xiangxiang East, Shuifumiao, Shaodong, Baoqing, Longhui, Dongkou service area;G5513 chang-Zhang expressway: Ningxiang, Taizimiao Service area;G5517 changchang North Line high-speed: Changsha West service area;S20 Pingdong Expressway: Yiyang South Service Area;G56 hangrui expressway: Yuanling service area.G4 Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao high-speed bypass scheme to remind the north to the south direction of the border of hunan friends: can choose and G4 Beijing-Hong Kong and Macao high-speed parallel shunts line G0421 Xu Guang high-speed, then can choose G0422 Wushen high-speed.You can also choose G55 high-speed, G65 Baomao high-speed, S71 Huachang high-speed.G60 above Shanghai and Kunming high speed avoid traffic diversion scheme (A)Shanghai-kunming Expressway → Ningshao Expressway northbound → Changzhi Expressway eastbound → Changsha Roundabout Expressway eastbound → Changzhu Expressway southbound → Longtoupu Junction → Shanghai-Kunming Expressway eastbound.1. Shanghai-kunming Expressway → Bao-Mao Expressway → Changzhi Expressway → Heng-Shao Expressway → Fanjiashan Hub.2. Shanghai-kunming Expressway → Baomao Expressway → Changzhi Expressway → Louxin Expressway → Shaoping Expressway → Erguang-Guangzhou Expressway →梽 Mushan Hub.3. Go around national Highway 320.> > G5513 zhang high-speed yiyang period avoid plugging around plan long zhang often high-speed high-speed travel – the wind bridge hub – China – hole high-speed ping – Sue home dam hub – often northern high-speed or long high speed.>>G6021 hangzhou-Changsha section of highway to avoid traffic detour scheme 1. Hangzhou-changsha expressway → Huanghua toll station → Huanghua Branch line → Kaiyuan RoadHangzhou-changsha Expressway → Huanghua Toll Station → Huanghua Branch Road → Airport Expressway → Changsha Avenue3. Hangzhou-changzhou Expressway → Huanghua Toll Station → Huanghua Branch Line → Yuanda Third Road → Lixiang East Road>>S50 changzhi high speed changsha section to avoid congestion around the scheme changzhi high speed eastbound → Daolin hub → Xuguang high speed northbound → White ruopu toll station → Downtown Changsha.The latest weather hunan Meteorological station is expected to, during the day today, by the weak ridge control, mainly cloudy weather in the province;At night, under the influence of warm and wet airflow and cold air in front of the trough, there was rain in western hunan and southern Hunan, and there was sleet or light snow in northwest Hunan.From tomorrow, due to the joint influence of upper trough, low altitude shear line and cold air, the scope of rain and snow in the province will expand. From tomorrow to the morning of the next day, there will be snowstorm in northern Hunan, and rainfall will increase in southeastern Hunan, and the local area will be heavy rain.From 8 o ‘clock today to 8 o ‘clock tomorrow, xiangxi, Zhangjiajie, Changde, huaihua, northern Shaoyang, western Lou di, western Yiyang cloudy days to light rain, including the north of Zhangjiajie, northern Changde local sleet or light snow, other areas cloudy to overcast;Northwind force 2 ~ 3 increased to force 3 ~ 4;The highest temperature is 6 ~ 8℃ in northwest Hunan, 9 ~ 11℃ in other areas.The lowest temperature is -1 ~ 1℃ in northwest Hunan, 1 ~ 3℃ in other areas.08 tomorrow till the day after tomorrow, when the 08, south to the north of overcast with small to medium or moderate snow, sleet xiangbei part of the heavy snow, the Suggestions for north west, south south of zhangjiajie, changde, yiyang, which is local blizzard north, high altitude with freezing rain and other parts of the cloudy day have moderate rain, among them, which, yongzhou in southern north, south, west of hengyang local shaoyang to rain;North wind level 4 ~ 5, river and lake gusts level 6 ~ 7;The highest temperature is 2-4 ℃ in northwest Hunan, 7-9 ℃ in southeast Hunan and 5-7 ℃ in other areas.The lowest temperature is -2 ~ 0℃ in north Hunan, 2 ~ 4℃ in southeast Hunan, 0 ~ 2℃ in other areas.◢ High speed travel tips ◢ Special tips:(1) according to the provincial public security department and the province transportation hall jointly issued the “notification regarding the dangerous goods transport vehicle highway limited-time ban”, remind the dangerous goods transport vehicles during the lunar New Year holiday 7 days 24 hours a ban on the highway traffic (supply tap water production with liquid chlorine transport vehicles, fuel oil, natural gas transportation vehicles from 0 to 6,Other times are not restricted).◢ 【 原 文 】 A new round of rain and snow weather process and the Spring Festival return peak time overlap, the public in return need to pay close attention to the weather changes, prevent the road slippery, snow, ice and other adverse effects.Please drivers, according to the weather conditions, reasonable arrangements for return, wrong time and wrong peak travel.(2) When driving, drivers should ensure that the car is in good condition and keep good driving habits.In case of bad weather, we should adjust our travel plan in time and try to avoid driving in rain, fog and snow.Driving through sharp curves steep slope, long downhill, to strictly control the speed, increase the distance between the car.③ Please do not drive overmanned car, do not ride overmanned car, refuse to fatigue driving, drunk driving, distracted driving, illegal parking, illegal road blocking and other traffic violations.Please fasten your seat belt at all times.If you find any illegal behavior, you can call 12122 or report it through the Weibo and wechat of “Hunan Highway Police”.(4) in the high-speed accident or vehicle failure, we must keep in mind the life of the “nine formula” – the car pulled over the evacuation of the alarm.Source/Hunan highway police, Hunan Highway editor/Wang Qiquan contributed email: 610255300@qq.com News hotline: 17352733309 (Wu reporter), 15907333036 (Shu reporter) statement: share to respect the original, reproduced please indicate the source, author.If there is infringement, please contact “Zhuzhou release” to delete.

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