The 2022 Winter Olympics

One Beijing, two Olympic dreams, three areas hope for sunshine and snow, friends in all directions five rings together athletes, six wishes for success, seven fierce battles, eight party news, nine with hope, ten party peace bell.Snow all over the sky, fluttering and sasa.Every snowflake is telling a story about ice and snow.The ice is like a mirror, reflecting thousands.The eyes of the world, to this crystal clear stage.The beginning of spring, the opening day of the Winter Olympics;In the year of tiger, tiger tiger is alive.The fireworks rose into the sky and then turned into meteors, spreading good expectations and hopes.In the national anthem, the national flag rises slowly, hunting and fluttering in the wind.7, “Yanshan snow as big as mat”.The romance and imagination of the ancients reflect the ancient and modern times through time and space.At this moment, east and west, China and the world, we, you and them, staring together, witnessing the birth of a new page of history: Beijing has become the world’s first “Double Olympic City”.There are no two same snowflakes in the world.Each snowflake reflects a unique brilliance.Each beauty, beauty and the United States.In the center of the site, a huge snowflake platform rises, overlapping with the snowflake shadow.Know not far or near, thousands of miles are still neighbors.A cluster of small fire, candle light heaven and earth.The ice and snow engagement opens a new picture to the world.The bird’s nest shines brightly and the torch shines in the sky.Hand handed down the five-star red flag, crystal clear ice and snow five rings, side by side with the world youth, smiling ice and snow athletes……The “Chinese door” that welcomes friends from all over the world and looks at the five rings of ice and snow, the “Chinese window” that covers the magnificent mountains and rivers and shows the beauty of China, the “Chinese knot” that wishes good luck and delivers friendship and peace…The sky to the spring who reported, jiangshan new weather.Nearly seven years have passed, China’s Olympic road of ice and snow, walk firmly.Looking back, the original heart has not vanished.Hope for the future, broad road.Way down the Winter Olympics road, Yin Sports.The dense leaves were cut and new flowers were chased away.Tender green swaying on the white ice, the vitality of spring soaring into the sky in the weaving of green, fireworks “Start of Spring” in the national Stadium “Bird’s Nest” night sky, lit up everyone’s face.A drop of ice blue ink fell from the sky, turned into the water of the Yellow River, pouring down.Churning waves, and eventually condensed into a crystal clear ice and snow world.A huge body of water rises from the ice and freezes into ice.A “China window” spread out, “outside the window” the moon in the sky, beautiful scenery calendar, great rivers and mountains, panoramic view.”Bird’s Nest” over the silver tree, the Chinese are using their own way to express welcome to the guests all over the world.23. “The world is one and the same.”At this moment, people all over the world break barriers, abandon prejudice, in the glory of the five rings “together to the future”.Walking in the ancient streets, winter Olympic elements can be seen everywhere, “ice dun dun” and “snow Rong Rong” sculpture sometimes show cute cute image, sometimes pick up hockey stick show sightly.Silver wrapped, jiangshan sacred, this is the brilliant winter we look forward to, as well as when we call the God of Olympia poetry.Olympic days.The wind is also very harmonious, the vivid, overnight all become vivid.Let the opening ceremony fly full of snow and dove of peace holy wings, let the flashing wings, become the flashing eyelashes of the audience all over the world.The Olympic mission is to let people unite in peace and competition.The Olympic Games are always about building Bridges, not walls.The Olympics bring us together while preserving our diversity.From the beginning of the dream to the “Double Olympic city”, from looking at the world with wide eyes to meet “together to the future”, from the glory moment of the Winter Olympics to the broad scene of “driving 300 million people to participate in ice and snow sports”, China and the Olympics all the way, all the way to sow the seeds of hope and struggle.To meet the ice and snow, to a good future.

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