The fabric of the opening Ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games originated from “Hangzhou Shangcheng Original custom”

On the evening of February 4, the opening ceremony of the 24th Winter Olympic Games in Beijing was held in the National Stadium.The heavy opening of the “Spring”, with full green interpretation of the Northern Song Dynasty long volume of “Thousands of Miles of Rivers and Mountains”, the finale of the “Flying doves of Peace”……Textile Library, a local fabric Library in Hangzhou upper city, participated in the creation of the costumes for these three programs, and cooperated with the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games to show the natural beauty, cultural beauty and sports beauty of the 5,000-year Chinese civilization with the fabric language of technological innovation.The Fabric Library was founded in 2015.After receiving the invitation from BoCOG in April 2021, fabric Library set up the “Winter Olympic Equipment R&D and Creation Team”, which took 8 months. After more than 10 times of proofing and several rounds of design modification, fabric, organization, technology and other aspects of continuous research and development, until the completion of all the performance clothing creation test.Beijing games organizers first is functional to the requirement of fabric, warm warm, well ventilated platoon is wet, in response to the cold weather in winter in Beijing, on this basis to achieve the artistic appeal of cloth, present the Trinidad Jiang Shantu ink level, yamagata and the Great Wall, Beijing chang division form, with specific and bright light, Angle, this is very high for fabric manufacture original custom requirements.The premise of garment innovation is fabric innovation.”We want to ensure that the fabric is warm, not wrinkled when dancing, not damp when sweating, light as wings on the body, when the bird’s nest spotlight on the actors phalanx, the effect of color to achieve the best.”Cloth library related person in charge said.Designed for this purpose, the fabric library implement innovative materials, cooperate with Chinese original designer dodson TB in a wide variety of materials, according to the performance need to adjust the optimization, based on the winter outdoor sports professional wear and human body engineering principle, USES the functional fabrics, both dynamic and static state of outdoor scene operation requirements, “light, thin, warm”, achieve all-round protection and auxiliary support.In terms of material design, due to the requirements of special climate conditions for winter sports, it should not only resist cold, windproof and warm, but also be breathable and wet, portable and comfortable.But windproof and breathable, warm, light in objective is contradictory.Chen Peng cooperated with the Beijing Olympic Winter Games organizing Committee to achieve a balance through scientific material selection and outfit combination to meet the needs of all scenes to the greatest extent.In the end, the fabric Library has altogether 5 original fabric works presented in and around the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.The opening show “Beginning of Spring” and the final show “Flying Doves of Peace”, the costumes of 107 national flag officers, the costumes of the Chinese champion delegation, the down uniforms of the flight attendants of the high-speed train for the Winter Olympics and the costumes of the performers in the winter Olympics concept video were all designed and created by the Fabric Library.At the start of Spring, 450 pole lifters parade in green uniforms.The fabric library chooses the matte satin material with high density and high support to ensure the performer’s movement can be expanded freely, and it is not easy to produce wrinkles in the movement and maintain the crisp and stable performance.Special custom yarns are used to keep the fabric warm, breathable and light for outdoor performances in winter.The choice of comfortable and smooth elastic fiber is to present the soft and delicate effect of the fabric, so that the pole lifter can reflect the elegant and reflective luster when the body movement.It is cold in the Bird’s Nest in winter. The technology bionic cotton fabric developed by the Fabric Library enables the flag bearers’ clothing of 107 countries to be both warm and flexible, and the overall shape is straight and upright.The sports suit version made of down material is crisp and neat, covered with high waterproof and moisture permeable hot melt film, high-density and strong Oxford weaving style, which can present bright printing effect.Dove children’s clothing is made of fine and wide polyester fabric with high elasticity and high density twill weave, bright Chinese red gradient printing, super water-splashing and high moisture permeability soft film, and superimposed with Chinese paper cutting patterns with embroidery and fflocked technology. 550 white dove cheriths place their best wishes to the whole world under the spotlight of the bird’s nest.The Olympic Flag bearers wear the down uniform featured by Traditional Chinese clothing. In the fabric design, the comfortable and smooth elastic fibers are firstly selected to present a soft and delicate effect.Specially customized yarn is selected for the surface to design a thick and dense satin texture, which can ensure that it is warm, breathable and light in winter outdoor appearance, so that the flag bearer is light and free, and it is not easy to cause wrinkles and maintain a crisp and stable performance.Games are high-speed train attendant uniforms in addition to the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony clothing fabrics, fabric library for “the games are high-speed train conductor” created a special ice is uniform, no bile double-deck imitation velvet fabric, the whole garment is light and warm, crisp dark snowflakes elements of deck down jacket, both fashion and its elements.

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