Zhoukou Huaiyang district investigation team study in Taigu district

On February 13, wang Xianchao, deputy secretary of Huaiyang District Party Committee and district head of Zhoukou City, Henan province, led an investigation team to study modern agriculture projects in zhoukou city.Yu Xiaojun, deputy secretary of the District Committee, zhao Ruixu, deputy head of the district attended.A delegation has arrived in tomato town, east brightness syngenta modern seed industry demonstration base, jinzhong country agriculture high area (shanxi agricultural valley) kechuang base and green garden, etc, through the way of field view, listen to the report, detailed understanding of the development of modern agriculture development of our overall mentality, mechanism system, investment promotion and capital introduction, location layout and the development goal of innovation.The delegation spoke highly of the practice and achievements of actively developing modern agriculture and leading farmers to get rid of poverty.And said that through the investigation and study, broaden the horizon, broaden the thinking, deeply inspired, will conscientiously learn and draw lessons from taigu modern agricultural industry development of advanced experience and successful practices, combined with reality, learn from each other, used in huaiyang characteristic agricultural industry development practice.At the same time, we hope that both sides will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation, work together to promote the transformation and leapfrog development of modern agriculture in both places.(Shi Meiyu, Shi Jiangrui) Final Adjudication: Rong Media Center 1

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