A shares: accelerate downward!Wednesday, what about the market?

The stock market turned off the lights to eat noodles all day, the three major indexes hit a recent low.Plate adjustment across the board, stocks over 4000 floating green.The market breakdown of the original bottom support, short strength again enhanced, before the end of difficult words easily.The next two days, extended the adjustment cycle, A shares can regain hope?From the Angle of sharp fall, disk surface is really some impatient.In particular, the recent hot tide, a bit of the meaning of defeat.Indeed, today as the European and American markets weakened, it is indeed a “trigger”.The creation of the index, the Shanghai index fell more than 2%, with the big negative line, or radical behavior.The author insists on a point of view: here, although the market is difficult to rebound substantially, but the downward pressure is greatly reduced, is still the structural market prevail.In fact, willing to see the year of the Ox, is inseparable from the plate rotation, occasionally blowing good news.Only, suddenly by this “cow tail” hit, the market directly made confused.If you are careful, you will find that the funds are covered, most of them are early strong themes, leading to forced transfer of institutions.Why as long as it is “ningmao index” together, the disk will be lively, but also this factor.In addition, the stock is also easy to be around, the two have to take one.For another Angle, is now in contraction, turnover is less than 1 trillion.If before the festival is weak rebound, then the market is optimistic.On the contrary, the occurrence of today’s behavior, that there are variables.At the end of the week, “red envelopes” may be handed out, pulling weights to appear on a protective tray.To be sure, the market always wants to gain weight to revive sentiment.But the relatively contradictory structure has not been solved for the time being.Once the mass entrepreneurship and innovation activity again, indeed far more than the market to attract capital.Only precious metals, space airport plate floating red, express risk appetite to reduce, to a large defensive tone.And more rear, is communication services, cultural media plate, with the board limit, Ningmao combination concept, are reverse suppression of popularity.In the weight of the choice of the problem, but also a guiding role.Let’s not blindly guess, wait for the bottom to come out.Again downward amplitude, also has the choice significance.From the technical level, the market is subject to 5 day line, again lost 3500 points mark.Because there is no support below, the signal at the bottom of the short line is not clear, can only swim around 3433 points.The MACD green column is elongated and THE KDJ indicator is dead fork resonance.The level of adjustment gradually increases, gradually releasing the pressure.And to time – sharing 5F, 15F anti – pumping, or will release the first suppression after Yang signal.It may take another one or two trading days for confirmation to trigger the resonance effect.From the maturity of the market, belongs to the air side slightly superior.After the fifth wave, the foot is at the end of the triangle, which is a question of choosing a side.Generally speaking, A shares once again toward the bottom of the operation, pre-market discount.Since the short power increase, do not speak counterattack, otherwise easy to be hit in the face.Northbound capital outflow only 3.5 billion yuan, relatively weak selling pressure force.It is domestic capital to jump the gun more now, wash a batch of not firm chip again.And has always been on New Year’s eve drama, are in and mud, empty more decisive battle after the festival.After this emotional catharsis, a number of technical indicators at the end of the departure, this week will organize at least 1 anti – smoking.Looks like the main force is going ahead with the holiday.A shares as long as the green hills, there is wood to burn.Here is financial and economic xiaobai said, focusing on financial hot spots, analysis of social problems.

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