Cao County, Shandong Province jiangmi people

Jiangmi people in Caoxian County is a folk art which is spread in the southwest of Shandong Province.It evolved from the offerings offered by the traditional society to the gods of heaven and earth, and expanded from a single animal shape to a variety of shapes such as opera figures, flowers and plants, gradually forming a set of orderly inheritance of folk crafts.Jiangmi people take jiangmi noodles, rice noodles and wheat flour as the main materials, add preservatives and water to steam mature dough, and then add pigments to make red, yellow, blue, green, black and other materials. They use knives, scissors, comb, pluckers and other tools to create images by kneading, pinching, cutting, picking, pressing, sticking and pasting.Cao County jiangmi people, the basic shape system is divided into “sign lift type” and “case set type” two.In the process of making jiangmi man, it is necessary to grasp the laws of the heat, ripe degree, elasticity, viscosity, softness and hardness of the dough and the pan.In the process of kneading, taking the figure as an example, the head should be shaped first. After the process of kneading the head, opening the face and adding the headdress, the local details and position should be adjusted appropriately, and then the body should be shaped.Body shaping should go through the steps of base making, kneading legs and feet, wearing clothes, kneading arms and hands, adding weapons, adding mouth, upper teeth, printing and so on.Finally to be fixed, modified and adjusted, so far, a spirited, hale and hearty Jiangmi people completed.The themes of jiangmi people in Caoxian county include auspicious birds, auspicious beasts, immortal flowers and plants, drama stories, myths and legends, historical figures, folk customs and real life, with gorgeous colors, diverse forms and unique styles.Through the various images created by folk artists, children imperceptibly understand knowledge and develop a positive attitude towards life.

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