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Editor’s note: 2021, housing enterprises thunderstorms, layoffs, salary cuts…But life has to go on, the company has to survive…2022, real estate people to Chinese New Year!Leju New Media launched the Spring Festival planning “New Year’s Day for Real Estate People”, inviting 30 city real estate people to tell: how did last year?How to spend this year?Abstract: 2021, shuttling back and forth between land and developers, holding multiple jobs, he achieved the predetermined goal: selling land for the village points big money, taste the sweetener of selling land dividends, also witnessed the ups and downs of foshan property market……Recently, Le Ju interviewed a friend who is a local ceramic practitioner in Foshan, a free agent in real estate, and a local villager with a story.How is 2021 going for him?How has the change in the market affected his life?What are your aspirations for 2022?Let’s hear what he has to say.1. Please introduce what you do for a living and the core values of your job.My job is to sell ceramics, to be a free agent for most developers, and to attract investment for the reserved land of our village and to contact developers for the renovation of the three old villages.The core value is to serve the people to sell all kinds of tiles, can help friends to buy cheap buildings, can serve for their own village when the auction hanging transaction can be divided into big money, can help each village to contact the right developer.2. If you can summarize 2021 in three words (or one sentence), what immediately comes to your mind?Why is that?Share big money, because it is our village sells land for the first time, tasted the joy of selling land dividends.(It is understood that in 2021, after the reserved land of Zidong Village is sold, each shareholder will receive a dividend of about 300,000 to 400,000 yuan.) 3. If you can give yourself a score of 100 in 2021, what score would you give?Why is that?100 points, because I think I’ve basically achieved all the goals I set.4. What adjustments will the company make in 2021 and what are the biggest difficulties?No major changes, the Evergrande, blu-ray, figure in events such as impact also affect our ceramic tile is hard to sell the downstream enterprises, a few friends not to want to buy building out of the land market is still very much alive in the second half of the first half of the affected by Evergrande events and policies of the various places flow rate increases, developers can’t get to, even if the hand is also a state-owned enterprises,Developers also because of the impact of the policy three old renovation project has been delayed action.5. How have you been affected?Such as salary, job, KPI, life and so on.It has a huge impact on compensation, because sales are based on commissions and when no one buys, wages are measly.6. Have any colleagues been laid off?My colleagues did not downsize, but several friends have encountered downsizing, such as Helenburg, Shimao, R&F and so on.7. Talk about your year-end bonus expectations.8. 2021 will be a tough year for the whole industry, but there are still a lot of moving and warm things. Could you share a moment that makes you warm or moved?After three years of efforts and negotiations with several developers, the first piece of reserved land in our village was successfully listed on April 30, 2021, realizing the first land sale in our village, and successfully sold at a high premium on June 2, 2021.In addition, THANKS to my friend’s trust, I helped my friend to buy an 87-square-sized apartment of the village entrance project at a favorable price last time.9. What do you think of the changes that have taken place in the market in the past year?In the first half of 2021, the land auction market and the real estate market were in full swing with a high transaction rate. In the second half of the year, due to the influence of events and policies such as Evergrande, New Year and Blu-ray, the transaction rate of the real estate market fell sharply, and the land auction market turned cold, with an increase in the failed auction rate, many developers did not dare to take the land.What do your family think of your work in the past year?Family members said that as long as willing to do it.11. What changes do you think will take place in the real estate market and industry in 2022?In 2022, the real estate market, during this period of time, the above statement should gradually pick up, the transaction rate should rise, the downstream enterprises also slowly pick up, the land market should also pick up.12. What new changes and predictable events do you see coming in 2022?I haven’t decided yet.13. Do you have any personal plans for work and life in 2022?In 2022, we will develop more new clients in our work, help friends who need to buy houses to get more favorable prices, and help our village to bring more developers to negotiate with us, so that we can recruit, auction, sell and other villagers can share big money as soon as possible.Life plans to buy a new car in 2022, if the village is still approved to build a new house, if not approved to win the village in 2022 large family unit 116.14. What do you most want to achieve in 2022?(work + life, family, etc.) in 2022, I hope we can smooth landing village old change project, hang village can retain to smooth action land sales success, strive for a more than 300000 in 2022. Luxury car brands, but also if the condition allows for village 116 square large family unit, inside the house everyone healthy body,Good health is the greatest wealth, make a lot of money.Where is your hometown (ancestral home)?In your hometown, how can it be regarded as the flavor of New Year?People in Nanzhuang, Chancheng, Foshan, dance lions on the first day of the New Year in our village every year, and every family burns firecrackers and fireworks.16. Can you introduce a unique custom of Chinese New Year in your hometown?Or introduce a special product or a favorite scenery in your hometown?My favorite specialty is purple hole flatbread, Shaqima, yellow skin, zaosha bamboo shoot.Among them, the purple hole cake and Shaqima is very delicious, and some big brands than, kitchen sand bamboo shoots and sand mouth bamboo shoots, hanging silk Dan bamboo shoots have a swing, but less and look at the time, after that period of time is gone.In any case, the year of the Tiger is coming. If you send a blessing, who will you give it to?What is the blessing?I will give the family first, wish them good health, all the best, tiger tiger living, earn pot full pot full.

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