In the seven days of Spring Festival, the tourism revenue of the whole region exceeded 400 million yuan

During the Spring Festival of 2022, the reporter saw that wenfeng Ancient Street was bustling with tourists. Children’s trains shuttled children through the street. Businesses selling sugar paintings, cutting peach slices, frying pot, painting porcelain dolls, beating sesame sugar and beating balloons were thriving.According to the statistics of the District Culture and Tourism Commission, the district received 817,200 tourists during the seven-day Spring Festival holiday, up 5.07% year on year;The tourism revenue reached 409,506 million yuan, up 35.92% year on year.Among the tourists received in the seven days, all were domestic tourists.”This year’s Spring Festival tourists are much more than last year, many people came to visit the first day of the first lunar month.”Yi Zongcheng, head of the Hechuan Gorge Inkstone Museum, told reporters that not only people came to visit during the Spring Festival, but also people bought “Hechuan Gorge inkstone” as a memorial.Source: Civilization Hechuan

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