Keshan County federation of Trade Unions New Year a new starting point to promote common development

Report from Our Newspaper (Reporter Yao Jing, correspondent Zhao Dan) On the morning of February 8th, The Federation of Trade Unions of Queshan County held a work repose meeting to comprehensively sort out and plan the key work, innovate work ideas and important measures of the trade union in 2022.Participants exchanged views on the work ideas and highlights of 2022, and drew clear roadmap for work.In 2022, the county federation of trade Unions will strictly in accordance with the work requirements of the county party committee and the higher level of the federation of trade unions, firmly establish a new concept of development, establish a new standard, create a new situation, focus on improving the ideological and political leadership, enhance the grassroots construction standards, enhance the overall contribution, improve the quality of service workers, promote the overall work to a new level.The meeting pointed out that one must raise the bar.Combined with the actual work, we will closely link the work at this level and the tasks assigned by the Municipal Federation of Trade Unions in 2022, give full play to our own advantages and abilities, and complete the set goals and tasks with high standards and strict requirements.Second, we need to focus on innovation.Continue to self-pressure, continue to strengthen learning, hone in the work, and constantly improve the ability to perform their duties, to create a strong political, excellent business union organs, for the creation of provincial civilization benchmarking units to lay a good foundation.At the same time, the county federation of Trade Unions focuses on the construction of the smart workers’ Cultural palace, through the development of intelligent, network, digital cultural palace construction and management, promote the construction and function expansion of the cultural palace, improve the operation efficiency and service efficiency of the workers’ cultural palace, the county workers’ cultural Palace will become a “poem and distance” around the workers.

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