The sixth day of the first month is “horse day”, do 5 things avoid 1 thing, good omen from the custom to start, 66

Tomorrow is the sixth day of the first lunar month, also known as “Horse Day”, why so called?This is the traditional name since the Qin and Han Dynasties. To be complete, the first day of the first lunar month is the day of chicken, the second day is the day of dog, the third day is the day of pig, the fourth day is the day of sheep, the fifth day of cattle, the sixth day is the day of horse.”Horse Day” is called “yilou” in ancient times, but in modern times, it means the sixth day of the year, which is almost over and people start to prepare for work or business.And the sixth day of this day, there are a lot of pay attention to, what is it?Here to remind you, there are 6 things to do, not superstition, don’t care, the good meaning of the “66” is good, do it can wish a year of good fortune, good luck, good New Year.Below, let’s comb it together!Do 5 things first, kai City opened what is kai City opened?This mainly means that those who open shops, restaurants and all kinds of business, to the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, the year is almost over, can start business.Speaking of this, I think many business people are a little impatient, because affected by the epidemic this year, some people do business intermittently, so, if we do not hurry up business, I am afraid we really can not hold on.That start business early, plan a prosperous, exchequer widely enter!The fifth day of the sixth day of the first month is suitable for the opening of the day, because these two days just meet the God of wealth, remember the opening of good luck!If something is really going on and you can’t open it, it doesn’t matter, just pick an auspicious day later.Second, go out to play as the saying goes: “three sixty-nine, go out”, the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, remind you should also go out to go, such as to the nearby square or park, and temple fair what to play, after all, the New Year still need a bit lively, or it will be boring.In fact, this statement is also very scientific, because from the twelfth month to the fifth day, the New Year has been big fish and meat to eat, really should go out activities, good digestion digestion.Besides, spring has arrived, and if the sun is shining, you can also go out for a spring outing and stretch your muscles.A healthy body, a year of struggle is better than anything.Third, ready to go to work to the sixth, the year has almost passed, the seventh should go to work, the sixth is not to adjust the state, ready to enter a new mode of struggle?Many people in addition to eat the New Year is to sleep, so, at the beginning of the work there is always a lazy state, so, might as well in the New Year six in advance to prepare, the seventh day to work or into the state of work, waiting to get the boss red envelope ah.On the sixth day of the first lunar month, there is the traditional custom of putting oranges on the table, which means good luck and prosperity.Speaking of this, the orange in my home is placed from the first day of the New Year to the fifth day, basically did not leave the table, so, do not have to deliberately say the sixth day on the table.In short, this simple custom is also to pray for good luck in the coming year, so put it on the table for good luck!Fifth, cleaning, send poor go out in some places, there is the custom of not sending garbage on the first two days, to the third day to send.In addition, according to the customs left by our ancestors, the fifth and sixth day also has the saying of cleaning, so, in recent days there are piles of garbage at home, bottles and cans, remember in the sixth day all cleaned up.The fifth day to meet the god of wealth, the sixth day to send the ghost of poverty, meaning the New Year will be rolling in revenue, good luck, also placed on the people to eliminate disasters avoid misfortune, good wishes to avoid evil.Bogey 1 thing on the sixth day of the year, in addition to the above should do, there is one thing absolutely can’t do, and, the whole first month is not suitable.What does it mean to avoid getting married? It means that although the sixth day of the first lunar month is a very auspicious day, marriage should not be carried out in the first lunar month, because there are traditions and it is very unlucky.Therefore, it is not too late for those who wait until the New Year to get married to have their wedding feast after the first month.Well, about the sixth day of the year some of the customs we will share here, and ask, your hometown sixth day there are any special customs, might as well say it!The editor said, of course, the above customs in the eyes of many people, is old, outdated, not much practical significance, but this ancient Custom of Chinese New Year, in many places in the countryside still exist.As an ancient cultural custom, it reflects the thoughts and feelings of rural people to respect their ancestors and inherit the fine traditions and cultural customs of the Chinese nation. We should also respect others. As for whether to do it by ourselves, we can judge and decide by ourselves.

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