A court ruled in favor of a rural woman who sued her mentally retarded adoptive father for severance after her marriage

How can Fang Chongcai be a good father?There is no single answer to this question.Anyway in the eyes of small fang, foster father Fang Chongcai must not be a good father.Shortly after marriage, xiao Fang did not hesitate to choose to break off relations with Fang Chongcai.Why fang Chongcai was adopted such dislike?Fang chongcai is intellectually handicapped because of the aftereffects of meningitis he suffered as a child.This made his life and the lives of those around him much more difficult.There is such an adoptive father, small fang from urine suffer from others.Even after her marriage, the father-daughter relationship deeply affected her life.The existence of Fang Chongcai is more unfortunate than lucky for xiao Fang.Xiao Fang junior high school graduation will choose to go out alone to work, she and her husband are working during the understanding.Fang Chongqian originally, two people’s hardware conditions are about the same.He doesn’t read much and earns about the same.However, the young man’s family is relatively rich, and his parents are fond of him.This lets small fang unavoidably produced some abased psychology.Her adoptive father, Fang Chongcai, was an ordinary peasant, mentally retarded, and she would need to support him later.Compared with her husband’s parents, Fang chongcai is a particular liability.Small fang husband’s family there is naturally on the side of chong CAI quite have opinions, also do not want to their son with a drag life.But after all will be small fang raised people, they hate no reason to oppose small Fang Chongcai support.In and xiaofang uncle fang Chong before the consultation, xiaofang’s in-laws temporarily agreed to be supported by xiaofang after marriage.At first, Xiao Fang did not resist.But gradually, she will encounter the disapproval of her in-laws because of her father’s behavior.Xiao Fang, for example, urinated in his pants in the middle of the night, sat alone talking to himself, did not look good to others and so on…This, to some extent, affects the life of the young couple.Fang chongcai often quarreled with Xiao Fang’s in-laws.Fang Chongcai was low in intelligence and unreasonable.If endure endure, then also passed.But xiao Fang husband’s family consciously do not owe fang Chongcai what, so everywhere with him.A fool unreasonable, can be used to every day?That’s a hell of a life.Although Fang didn’t live in xiao Fang’s in-laws for long, he chose to do odd jobs by himself most of the time rather than living with his daughter.But his existence is a burden, a burden, is a thorn in the heart of xiao Fang and her husband’s family.Xiao Fang thought more than once, if my father is not a retarded how good ah!The registered residence of Fang Chongcai originally but one sleep wake up, fang Chongcai dark face haunts the ground to appear in front of again.Xiao Fang can obviously feel her husband’s aversion to her foster father.When Fang chongcai is at home, her husband rarely gets close to her and is not very warm to her.Such a life all the time tormented xiao Fang’s nerves.The last vestige of love and respect she had for her foster father had been dissipated.So, xiao Fang began to treat Fang Chongcai coldly.When she returned home for the Spring Festival, Xiao Fang did not want to visit Fang Chongcai, and only went to visit relatives with her husband and in-laws.And xiao Fang husband’s family is too much, directly should give Fang Chongcai’s life supplies directly off.This made Fang Chongqian very angry.It was clear that we had agreed at the beginning, why did you suddenly change your mind halfway through?Angry Fang Chong before a phone call to xiao Fang’s father-in-law there.Abandoned baby was picked up small fang’s father-in-law knows the wrong, nothing can refute.The next day with a small couple with gifts above home New Year.But the process was not pleasant.The two families look at each other and hate each other.This should play a conciliatory role of the small fang what also do not say, even with fang Chong before greeting.At this time, fang chongqian realized that after marriage, xiao Fang had already put the focus on the new family, she is no longer as close as before and they are so close.Can you blame Xiao Fang or her in-laws?It’s human nature not to want to live with a fool.Who is willing to own life inexplicable back a section of negative tired?In the small fang that position, who can guarantee that they do better than her?Can be in the eyes of fang Chong, xiao Fang is really unfilial.Fang Chongcai but will raise her big person, her reaction now is like a white eyed Wolf general.Abandoned baby because of these things, xiao Fang more and more tired.She found that the cold treatment is useless, Fang Chongcai is like a piece of sludge in general ruthlessly grilled on her body.No matter how good she did, she could not cover up this blot on her life.Let xiao Fang eventually broke out, or because fang Chongcai confused to make a thing.Originally, the two had signed an agreement.Fang contributed 30,000 yuan, if Xiao Fang will support Fang Chongcai to the age of 60, the money will be inherited by Xiao Fang.Fang Chong before 30 thousand dollars into the bank, fang home holding a deposit sheet, and xiao Fang’s father-in-law holding the password.No one can touch the money until Fang chongcai is 60.Xiao Fang’s in-laws can tolerate Fang Chongcai, most of the reason is also the money.Abandoned baby Fang Chongcai is a fool, he does not know this matter.One day, Fang Chongcai spent his money and thought he still had thirty thousand yuan.Fang Chongcai do not know how to take, he can only take the ID card to the bank said to take money.The staff looked at him and asked him what he did not understand, thinking that he had lost the deposit slip.So I reported the loss directly to him, and then I took out $30,000 for him.In this way, Fang Chongcai confused to take out his pension.Xiao Fang’s husband’s family did not know at the beginning, but one day to the bank inquiry, suddenly found that this thirty thousand dollars disappeared.Originally small fang husband’s family was dissatisfied with Fang Chongcai heart, a look at him to take the money away, but also scolded him as a liar.Interview villagers, xiao Fang was also a scolding.Extreme shame and anger make xiao Fang’s face red.She does not know fang Chongcai exactly is what meaning, fang family in the end put her where?Xiao Fang immediately decided to break off father-daughter relationship with Fang Chongcai.Such a disloyal and dishonest liar is not worthy of being her father.When she was so angry, she did not think about it. With fang’s intelligence quotient, how could she know how to be greedy for her money?It was just a long-simmering frustration that finally exploded at this point.In April 2016, Xiao Fang filed a lawsuit against Fang, claiming that the two were not really father and daughter.At this point, the relationship between father and daughter was completely broken.Fang Chongcai’s neighbors have for him to feel unworthy, Xiao Fang Ah Xiao Fang, you can still remember when you carefully held in the arms of his father?Back in that year, a strange man came to the village with a baby girl in his arms.The baby girl wails in the man’s arms, but no one pays attention.The villagers thought that the strange man was passing through here, with children to live, have warm hospitality.To his surprise, the man cried to the villagers, “Is there a kind person who can take care of my child?I can’t afford it!”Although the villagers were hospitable, they didn’t want to get themselves into trouble.Raising a baby girl who is not related to you is not a matter of talking, and no one wants to take over the hot potato.The villagers continued to entertain him warmly and advised him not to mention the matter again.They understand that no one wants to be a sucker.The man was disheartened and did not know what to do with the baby in his arms, so he had to stay in the village temporarily.He knew this was not a permanent solution.What should Fang chongcai do with the child?Thinking for a night, the man could not think of a way to do both.Had to find a family to leave her to fend for herself.At first light the next day, a foolish middle-aged man knocked at his door.Fang Chongcai, a middle-aged man whose clothes were messy, did not look wealthy.He looked at the baby in the man’s arms and Fang chongcai smiled happily.He fondled the little doll and tutted her with his tongue.”I can keep the baby.”Fang Chongcai said to the man.Although Fang chongcai did not look like a worthy object, he was undoubtedly a ray of sunshine in the darkness for men at that time.Without thinking too long, the man gave the baby girl to Fang Chongcai.The day Fang Chongcai took his baby girl home, the whole family exploded.Fang’s mother was so angry that she shook her head and wanted fang to send her son back.Fang Chongcai’s eldest brother fang Chongqian also spoke kindly to his younger brother, hoping that he would not be capricious and make trouble for his life.But Fang Chongcai just tightly hugged the baby girl in his arms, not a word.Looking at his silly appearance, fang Chongqian and mother can not help but feel a trace of sadness.In this state, Yifang Chongcai may never find a wife.What’s wrong with him wanting a child of his own?Would they deny him even that?Think again, the children grow up, but also for Fang Chongcai retirement.There is no need to worry about fang Chongcai’s future life.Fang Chongcai then, the mother and fang Chongcai reluctantly agreed to take in children.Fang Chongcai jumped up happily and hugged his mother and brother.From now on, he has children of his own.The family got together happily and gave the baby a name — Xiao Fang.It was too difficult for Fang chongcai to take care of his children alone.With his IQ, it is difficult to give a good education to his children.Accordingly, fang mother assumes the burden that educates xiao Fang.But in the final analysis, xiao Fang or Fang Chongcai’s daughter.Because of this responsibility, Fang Chongcai worked hard to do farm work, just to earn a little food for Xiao Fang.If there was any meat or eggs in the house, they came close to Xiao Fang and Fang’s mother.In his spare time, Fang chongcai stays at home with his daughter.Listening to his daughter’s babble, Fang Chongcai felt that he had never been so satisfied in his life.Fang Chongcai Xiao Fang grew up, to the age of the need to go to school.Fang Chongcai then took out all the money for her to go to school.Whenever Xiao Fang sweetly called him father, he would feel very satisfied.After xiao Fang went to school, she from the mouth of classmates, gradually found that his father seems not a normal person.The students all like to point at him, and there is much contempt in his words.Affected by the classmate, Xiao Fang also began to fang Chongcai produced some unexplainable dislike.She even started calling Former Fang chong’s wife her mother because she wanted an able-bodied person to be her parent.But Fang Chongcai is really meticulous to her, in addition to the stars and the moon in the sky, what she wants, Fang Chongcai will try to find her.At the age of 10, Xiao Fang was allowed to play at her birth parents’ home.It was very new to her.It was then that she realized fang Chongcai was not her real father.In the biological parents’ home, Xiao Fang had fun, completely forget fang, forget to go to school.Fang Chongcai, who could not see his daughter, went out in a hurry to find her daughter.Fang Chongcai did not know the way to xiao Fang parents home, out of the village was lost.Fang Chongcai silly head also iron, so aimlessly looking for.Wait until xiao Fang returned home, found that there is no Fang Chongcai figure, fang home talent feel bad.Fortunately, after a few days, Fang Chongcai was sent back by the rescue station.Workers at the rescue station said Fang chongcai was wandering around the road, mumbling for his daughter, and appeared to be mentally disturbed.Sam the only thing they can do is ask where his house is, get him home first.The Fang family was relieved of a huge burden.At the same time they also realize that although Fang Chongcai confused, but the love of small Fang is not adulterated.For example, the love of Chongcai, and xiaofang break off relations, is very ruthless.She seems to have really forgotten the father who holds her in the palm of his hand and only remembers his foolishness.Others are ruthless and understandable, can not use kindness to ask everyone.But Fang Chongcai is the one who brought her up.There is a movie called I Am Sam.Sam, the father with the mental capacity of a seven-year-old, is left to raise his daughter Lucy alone.As Lucy grew older, Sam was unable to answer some of her questions.In the end, Lucy outsmarted him by a great deal.Lucy Lucy never gave up on her father.Although Sam low intelligence, but he always remember not to let her suffer, can not leave her daughter.His words and deeds, every move, all do not reveal his love for his daughter.Lucy felt it and cherished it.Fang chongcai was not so lucky.Xiao Fang is a vulgar person, can not do Lucy so selfless.Now fang chongcai has become a roadblock in her life, so there is no need for him to exist.But xiao Fang did not think, if there is no Fang Chongcai, perhaps when she will not speak, she has been abandoned.After the court investigation, fang Chongcai was only 31 years old, no spouse, did not meet the requirements for adoption.And when handling the adoption, Fang Chongcai did not sign a written agreement with Xiao Fang’s biological parents according to the adoption law, nor did he go to the civil affairs department for adoption procedures.Fang Chongqian therefore, xiao Fang and Fang Chongcai between the adoptive father and daughter relationship should be invalid.But Fang Chongcai can pursue the money she spent to raise xiao Fang.Fang chongcai is not capable of handling the matter by himself. In the end, it may be former Fang who decides how things will develop.If Fang chongcai had his own ideas, he might not be willing to tear up the face of the child he has raised for 23 years.When Xiao Fang fang learned to speak, he was still in his prime.Such as xiao Fang has his own family, he has been decaying old.Fang Chongcai did not understand what was happening, but Xiao Fang had not come to see him for a long time, and he was not allowed to visit.Fang Chongcai holding the picture of xiao Fang, lonely sitting in the yard.His rickety back exudes exhaustion and helplessness, mouth still say: “Xiao Fang…My little Fang doesn’t want me.”Fang Chongcai some people think, xiao Fang do right.Do not advise her to be good before she has suffered.Being tied to a retard for the rest of your life is torture.However, a man must first understand filial piety and Thanksgiving.Should a person be abandoned when his parents become ill and affect their children’s future life?These people do not think that without their parents, where would they be today?For Fang Chongcai, the biggest injury, perhaps not no one to support, but the hands of his daughter, chose to abandon him, leave him, chose to step on his love under the foot.

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