Bring love home!Shanglin women’s power in action!

The end of the year is approaching. On January 24, 2022, the Shanglin County Women Entrepreneurs Association launched the “Bring Love Home warm Winter Holiday” sympathy and care activity.Under the leadership of its president lu Xiaoyan, more than 10 representatives of the association visited 12 families of children in distress in Baixu, Sanli and Xiyan towns, and presented consolation money, school supplies and New Year gifts worth 300 YUAN, which effectively sent the care and warmth from all walks of life to the masses.We are together to do the most warm thing at every door, delegates a cordial conversation with the kids, ask them of the practical need of patience, understand the difficulties of the students’ family situation, study, health, listen to their desire, and their broad, have in the past, talk about the future, encourage them to be positive and optimistic in the face of difficulties, self-esteem self-reliance unremitting efforts,Get out of trouble early.The child of this family in Sanli has just been in grade one. He has lost his parents since he was a child. Now he lives with his elderly grandparents and lives by renting a house.Tragic experience let present female enterprise association representatives moved to tears!In the day of condolence, two of the relatives of children in distress are accidently become vegetative, the original life of the family is undoubtedly difficult, life is extremely difficult!”As a female entrepreneur in Shanglin, we are duty-bound to help children in need and care for vulnerable women. We hope to do our part to help others,” said Lu.He also urged the accompanying staff to implement the policy, pay attention to the plight of children, and help solve practical difficulties.At the same time, tell the children to study hard, self-reliance and self-improvement, with knowledge to change their fate.”At the end of the year, everyone is busy.But the power of love, let everyone in the cold winter time together to show love, send warmth.Through women’s unique maternal love, to the plight of children, female vulnerable groups to provide help.Women entrepreneurs in Shanglin county are all women.Content source:

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