Chapter 2 Lu Junyi Fell into the Horse Pit and the heroes attacked huangjue Temple

Last time, lu Junyi fell into a horse pit and was tied up by a group of men who carried him and several other men took lu Junyi’s horse.Soon they came to a temple.There were two lanterns hanging above the gate of the temple. Lu Junyi took a look and saw the Chinese characters “Huangjue Temple” above the gate.When Lu Junyi found out that it was huangjue Temple, he thought to himself, “Why would the people of Huangjue Temple arrest me?”Several people did not wait for Lu Junyi to speak, but carried him to the main hall.In the hall sat a monk, his scalp shining brightly.The men let Lu junyi fall to the ground.Lu Junyi looked at the monk carefully. He had red eyebrows, a big nose and a big mouth.The monk said, “Catch a prey?”What did Lu Junyi hear?Prey?How am I the prey?Ouch!The monk’s voice was as ugly as it could be.The others answered, “Catch one of them, he’s strong.”Monk way: “can have oil water?”Some of them answered, “Not much money, but a horse.”Monk: “HMM…””The horse shows the way.Say who?Otherwise, I don t know whose heart it is.At this moment, a person from Lu Junyi found a brand, the man immediately shouted: “Master, found a waist brand.”The red-browed monk said, “Show me.”The man took the sign to the monk, who took it and read “Liangshan Tianggang Star Lu Junyi”.Lu Junyi has a waist tag?There must be a waist card, so many people on liangshan, no waist card who knows you are what?No waist card under the mountain, also can not go up the mountain ah!So Lu Junyi also has waist cards.The monk saw that it was Lu Junyi, a native of Liangshan.”Ha ha……”Red eyebrow monk sneer: “good you lu Junyi, really heaven has a road you don’t walk, hell has no door you break into ah!”Monk Red Eyebrow said, “Let white eyebrow come here quickly.The enemy of the miscellaneous family caught one.”One of them went inside.Lu Junyi thought to himself, “When will I, Lu Junyi, have an enemy against you?”For a while, came to a white eyebrow Lao Dao, Lao Dao strode to the hall way: “Elder brother, where is our enemy?This is Roh Jun-ui.Lu Junyi embarrassed appearance was tied, looked up to see bai Mei Lao Dao, that Lao Dao looks more ugly.The eyebrows are gray.Big mouth, eagle nose, if you look at it, you will feel like the ghost of hell.Lao Dao looked at Lu Junyi, Lu Junyi ferocious once way: “I and you have any enemy?Why did you arrest me?”White eyebrow old way: “you are liangshan person, that wu song and Lu Zhishen are liangshan, Lu Zhishen killed my elder brother flying in the crock pot temple hill small b, with raw iron Buddha urge way into.Wu Song killed my two brothers flying centipede King Taoist in The Centipede Ridge.Therefore, I have been waiting here for the Liangshan people with the Red-browed monk Bronze and Iron monk for a long time.”Lu Junyi heard “Ah!””So that’s it!It seems I am doomed.”Lu junyi asked, “Who are you?”White eyebrow old way “ha ha” a way of smile: “poor way is all corners of the country called flying white eyebrow Wang Zhi good na!”When Lu Junyi heard this, he said, “This name is good, a despotic and good man!Oh dear!”Fly sky white eyebrow way: “Lu Junyi, you don’t be afraid, I will wait for that Wu Song and Lu Zhishen they come together to die.Ha ha……”Fly sky white eyebrow shouted 1: “bring me down, wait until Wu Song, Lu Zhishen these si execute together.”Several men came and took Lu Junyi into custody.Flying white Eyebrow and red eyebrow monk Monk Bronze and iron monk said: “Brother, I think if the Liangshan people come down to rescue Lu Junyi, I’m afraid we are no match for them.I want to write to my four younger brothers, five younger brothers, let them come to our rescue as soon as possible.You should also write to your brothers and sisters and ask them to join us in helping us and fight the Liangshan people to the death.”Red – brow monk Tie – tie monk said, “What your elder brother said is very true, and I have the same intention.I’ll write it right away.”Red eyebrow monk, flying white eyebrow how to write and move reinforcements, let’s not say.Besides, on the liangshan side, only after Lu Junyi descended the mountain.Song Jiang found out that he had not seen Lu Junyi for a day, so he sent people to look for him.When I looked for him, someone said, “Lu Junyi has gone down the mountain. I don’t know why.Song Jiang immediately sent Zhu GUI and Du Qian to search for him.Song Jiang worried about Lu Junyi accident ah!When you go down the mountain alone, who knows what you might encounter?Song Jiang was very worried.Zhu GUI and Du Qian came to a town crowded with people selling fried dough sticks, rolls and fruit, vegetables, groceries and everything else on the street.There is a restaurant called “Yipin Xiang” over there. There are many people eating there.The cry came “Small second tea.””Here comes tea.””Small two serve wine.””Here comes the wine.”It was very lively.Zhu GUI and Du Qian came to have a look.Zhu GUI and Du moved in and went straight to the second floor.On the second floor, the table above was bigger than the one below.And the food was better than the people down there.They found a seat and sat down.In a short while, small 2 come over to take a talk: “two guest officer want to eat what?”Zhu GUI casually said, “Come up if you have something delicious!”Small two call out 1 “good come.”After xiao Er went down, zhu GUI and Du Qian sat on a table next to several people chat.One of them said, “I heard about you guys on the Liangshan side.””Yes,” said the other, “our three stockade hosts took us there.”One asked, “Are there many people on the other side of Liangshan?…”Just then, Zhu GUI came up to him and said, “Brothers, are you from The Taihang Mountain Chituo Ling?”A few people hear somebody ask a question, “ah?”It’s all about looking at each other.Then an older man said, “Ah!Is is.I wonder who is next?”Zhu GUI said, “I am Zhu GUI of one hundred and eight generals of Liangshan.Something passing through here, would like to ask if you can take us to meet your big stockade?”Several of them looked at each other, and one nodded.Zhu GUI and Du Qian followed several minions and went to the Chituo Ridge of Taihang Mountain.Chituo Ridge, from the foot of the mountain up, the higher the road, the more difficult to walk.The higher up the road, the harder it gets.Winding mountain road, up for a long time to reach the Chituo Ling.Chituo Ridge above a clearing, above the houses are different.There are big and small.Zhu Guidu qian two people followed several soldiers came to juyi Hall.There is also the Hall of Justice.The king of the mountain, pay attention to loyalty.So there’s also the Hall of righteousness.Juyi hall has qin Qiong Min Shi Hai, learn not to rape Liu Xinyi, and qiao Luo Cheng Yin Li several people have been ready.When he heard that liangshan people were coming, Minshihai quickly ordered his men to welcome them.When I arrived at the Hall of Justice, I saw a sallow, skinny, round waist, black beard and black hair man walking above greet me: “Two leaders come to my humble home, it is not far to welcome you in the Lower Minshi Sea!””This is my second brother Liu Xinyi, third brother Yin Lizhong.”Liu Xinyi and Yin Lizhong both gave a gift to Du Qian and Zhu GUI.Zhu GUI and Du Qian returned the favor.After the ceremony, Du Qian said: “I have long heard of the taihang Mountain Chiduo Ling reputation, today I am very lucky to see it!”Min sa-hae s bold voice said, Ha, ha, what are you doing here, the famous heroes of Yangsan?Zhu Guidao said, “Big village Lord, lu Junyi, one of my members, has not returned since he went down from the mountain not long ago.Brother Song Jiang sent me down to look for my family lu Junyi.I came by to see you.”Liu Xinyi said, “Oh!So that’s it!Dare to ask when Mr. Lu left the shanzhai?”Zhu GUI dao: “Our clerk lu is away for about a month.”Liu Xinyi way: “listen to the following people say, about two hundred miles away from here, there is a temple, called ‘Huang Jae Temple’ lived a monk a Taoist priest, monks called copper iron monk, the Taoist is liangshan hero Wu Song killed flying centipede in the centipede hill apprentice, called flying baimei Wang Zhishan.They’re in a place where black and white people walk in there, they get hijacked.It’s a tricky terrain, especially the flying man who uses the art of the Gate, and gets stuck there if he can’t walk.If you are inquiring, you must be careful when passing by.”Zhu GUI way: “thank you two village Lord remind.”A couple of people were just saying that.A band of dogs came to him and knelt down and said, “I have robbed a letter just now, Lord Dazhai, Lord of the second and third castellan.To the great Stockade.”Dazhaizhu Minshi Haidao: “watch it for me.”Big village host Min Shi-hai received the letter to read.It read, “My brother, Lu Zhishen, who killed my brother, and Wu Song are on Liangshan. Now we have captured lu Junyi, the leader of Liangshan.Surely that Liangshan knows the news will come.Please come to help your brother as soon as possible after receiving this letter, so as to avenge our dead brother!”Minsa looked and said, Ah!Min Shihai went to Zhu GUI with the letter to Zhu GUI, Zhu GUI dont understand what happened.Had to take a look, immediately startled.Way: “the original member was really caught by this group of people.”After zhu GUI read it, he handed the letter to Du Qian. Du Qian was shocked when he read it.Zhu GUI road: “without delay, I will hurry back to Liangshan, so that my brother Song Jiang knows!”Minsh Haedo: It is good. I heard that hwanggak Temple is killing people like a hemp.Saving a man is like putting out a fire.I’m afraid you won’t make it to Liangshan. I’m afraid Mr. Roh will die.”Liu Xinyi said, “Eldest brother, in my opinion, let the two leaders go back and deliver the message.I will go to the Huang Jue Temple first to explore.”Minsh Kaido: I have the same intention.Two without delay, hurriedly back to inform Liangshan, let Liangshan send hands to rescue Lu Junyi.”Then he sent Zhu GUI and Du Qian down the mountain.Zhu GUI and Du Qian went down the mountain to fight horses as fast as they could and headed straight for Liangshan.Let’s not mention that Min Sa-hae, Yoo Sin-yi, and Yoon Li-jung should arrange personnel immediately.Let Liu Xinyi and Yin Lizhong take two hundred soldiers down the mountain to rescue Lu Junyi.Min Si-hae stayed behind.The sun had already set when Yu Xinyi and Yin Lizhong, along with their dogs, reached the hwangkok Temple.After liu xinyi and Yin Lizhong arranged the lodging for their dogs, they also found a place to rest.The next morning the two men sent their dogs to explore the road.The pathfinder went in groups of four, for fear that in case of danger no one would return.Four men, even in danger, can make one out.Maybe two or three if the danger is low.The first wave of four went for a long time and did not return.What’s going on?This place terrain is complex, flying white eyebrow is good at using the door dun, he uses the terrain to place the next array.People who don’t know get lost in here.There are also some hidden weapons and so on.So the first wave didn’t come back.When Liu Xinyi saw that no one had come back after waiting for a long time, he sent a second wave of men.Second wave, two wounded in a single wood.The other two quickly reported back to Liu Xinyi.Yoon said, Brother, this is not an option.Let’s get one of them on the inside, get one of them on the inside to take us in.How many dogs will it take if we only allow them to find the way!”Liu Xinyi said, “Yes!Why don’t we go and look around?”Two people discuss certain, arrange a person to look for nearby people.This day, as expected found a person.When Yoon asked, the man said, I am a woodcutter around here, and I know the terrain well.Yin Lizhong way: “that please help us lead the way.”Yin Lizhong took out the silver from his arms and gave it to the woodcutter.The woodcutter took over the silver happily of thank way: “thank you big ye.”Liu Xinyi and Yin Lizhong arranged for the good men to follow the woodcutter all the way to a wood. After the wood there was a winding path, which got smaller and smaller as they went.Liu Xinyi and Yin Lizhong were impatient to leave.He thought to himself, “Why is this road so difficult?”After a while, they came to a wood.”There you are,” said the woodcutter.Which know this person voice fall, hear “cave play”, Liu Xinyi and Yin Li fell into the pit of the horse.Look at the dogs. Some of them are killed by arrows, and some of them fall into the pit.Liu Xinyi and others have not understood how to return a responsibility?I heard someone shout “Kill me!…”Liu Xinyixin said: “Over, this time I wanted to save people, but I didn’t save them, but I also hit them.”What about liu Xinyi and others? Let’s see how they live next time!

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