During the interview | epidemic of psychological stress and psychological protection

The sudden outbreak of the epidemic has disrupted people’s normal pace of life and inevitably caused psychological distress. At this time, we all need to maintain mental health and jointly cope with the epidemic.So, fighting epidemic workers in the front line, in the face of heavy work and pressure, how to build a solid psychological defense, and as a home crowd, how to maintain their own mental health?The Jilin News Comprehensive Broadcast interviewed Cui Jihong, a national second-level psychological consultant and counselor of jilin Normal University College Students’ Mental Health Education Center, through video link, to analyze and guide the psychological problems under the epidemic situation.Cui Jihong, counselor of College Student Mental Health Education Center, Jilin Normal University, master of Applied Psychology, College of Philosophy and Society, Jilin University, national second-class psychological consultant.He is a member of the Expert Steering Committee of Mental health Education in Colleges and universities of Jilin Province, deputy secretary general of college Special Committee of Jilin Province Psychological Counselors Association, vice president of psychological Health Professional Committee of Jilin Life and Safety Society.He was awarded the honorary title of “Advanced Individual of Youth Volunteer Service against COVID-19” by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League.He has been engaged in psychology education and teaching and mental health education for 18 years, published more than 10 academic papers, presided over and participated in more than 20 provincial and prefectural projects, edited one textbook, and participated in many textbooks.Article source: original jilin news integrated radio editor: Hao Zili Zhou Hang Gao Pengjun hua Qi review: Huai Nan Supervisor: Wang Lin Hao Feng stamp right corner florets to share more people

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