“Hello, Saturday” zhou Bichang’s new song first sing fancy rearrangement ensemble song of joy

“Hello, Saturday,” the fifth group of bureau to welcome the god of wealth!Qin LAN, Zhou Bichang, Xiong Ziqi, Lin Yi surprise parachuted, the fifth day of the New Year and “good six group” together with hi turn temple fair bureau, creation bureau, ski bureau three New Year bureau.Youth novitiate class this period also ushered in a new member Liu Guohao, he unique Qinqiang for everyone to send New Year wishes, small Yang “New Year for new clothes”, a traditional Chinese style red clothing New Year atmosphere is full.This Saturday 8:10 PM, welcome the god of wealth, celebrate the Winter Olympics experience together thick Chinese New Year.Qin LAN Temple bureau encounter familiar taste Wang Hedi for food to send the most powerful sound wave New Year’s temple fair bureau, “explore the shop small expert” Qin LAN transformed into food detector, precise positioning of local food.In many snacks, is what let myself personally certified “foodie” Qin LAN call is “familiar taste”?When leshan boy Wang Hedi encountered his hometown food, why would he send “the most expensive voice bowl chicken” title?In order to eat free food, “Congratulations on making a Fortune” high pitch challenge and 2 meters 2 high leg lift challenge officially started!Whether it is a higher than a super strong sound wave, or full screen “nowhere to put” long legs, let the audience laugh more than, they can challenge success?Zhou Bichang’s new song debut show multi-faceted charm music creation bureau fancy adaptation joy non-stop strength singing zhou Bichang brought her new song “Welcome” debut show on the stage of “Hello Saturday”, the three status switch freely show multi-faceted charm.Later, in the warm atmosphere, Zhou Bichang, Wang Hedi, Lin Yi shared their home fun.After hearing the “sound” of the plants connected to the wires, they turned into happy wire people and had a lot of fun at the scene.In order to adapt the 2022 New Year’s Special edition of “Happy Goat,” the cast has been searching for items that can make a sound.With trash cans, microwave ovens, toys and other household items joining the ensemble, how will the classic song be reimagined?With the smooth opening of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, “Hello Saturday” also ushered in a unique ski bureau.He Jiong, Wang Hedi, Briji and other specially put on professional ski clothes and collective appearance, handsome eye-catching dress and ice and snow theme stage setting, turned the scene into “ice and snow T platform”.In the “skiing photo” segment, the program specially invited former national snowboarder Wang Xuemei to demonstrate skiing movements for everyone.Bridge took the lead in the challenge and was laughed at by He jiong as “like a clever sparrow”.Xiong Ziqi followed, “god level” expression management let everyone give high scores.And the first full marks were easily won by Zhou Bichang, is what kind of perfect performance let the judges shout “there is no way”, the final appearance of Lin Yi can continue to get full marks good luck?Who will the ice and snow package go to?The scene is more Lin Yi brought the first variety dance show “the sound of snow falling”, he dressed in a Chinese wind white clothes, with flowing dance will bring the audience into a dreamlike fantasy in the mood.This Saturday at 8:10 PM, Hunan TV’s Hello Saturday will celebrate the Spring Festival with you.

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