Night talk in Star City! Go all out to protect warmth

Yuan Yuncai according to the weather forecast, Changsha will snow again, some mountainous areas of Changsha has been frozen.All levels of the city’s departments and relevant units to prepare for emergency preparedness, heart, protect the warmth.Among them, State Grid Changsha Power Supply Company restored some important unattended stations to ensure safe and reliable power supply during the festival.Every year, the ice and snow is a beautiful picture wrapped in snow, but it is also an impromptu “question” examination paper, testing a city’s hardware construction level and emergency handling capacity.Therefore, people can be said to be “love and angry”, both expect and a little worried about the snow.The snow in the weather forecast is even more so, its coming, will add new weather and happy atmosphere for the Year of the Tiger Spring Festival, as a pair of New Year’s eve joint cloud, “flying snow xi send New Year’s eve, spring breeze smile bomb toast song”.But when the snow falls, it comes at a time when countless wanderers are returning home and thousands of families are waiting to be reunited.How to ensure the safety of Spring Festival transportation, to ensure the “vegetable basket” abundant, to ensure that water and electricity supply, such as no gap, uninterrupted, no doubt more urgent than usual snow, more urgent.Great things are difficult to take responsibility, the critical moment to show their true colors.Over the years, we have accumulated a lot of successful experience in dealing with various situations that may occur in the snow and ice, and explored some mature models. The key is to further strengthen our responsibility to protect the soil, protect the soil, and fulfill our responsibilities.In particular, party members and cadres should play an exemplary and leading role in safety inspection, snow removal and ice removal, over-limit management, road situation notification, emergency guard and other aspects of the formation of a chess game, a rope.In addition, vehicles on the ice and snow road should consciously strengthen safety awareness and mutual awareness, do not violate rules and regulations, do not add obstruction, only add warmth.Everyone’s every bit of pay, is a good answer to the ice and snow test paper a picture.

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