The mother-in-law made a hundred kilograms of bacon, all let her daughter-in-law take away, the daughter-in-law turned to pick up the garbage aunt

What are the key factors affecting marital happiness?Love?Money?Or patience?Leonidova once said, “The foundation of marriage is love, attachment and respect.Especially for middle-aged couples, love has become kinship. We can accept bland, but we cannot accept indifference without attachment and respect.”Throughout our side, covet love, money and into marriage, the final separation of the example is not rare.And rely on patience, everywhere compromise of the people, may not be able to harvest the happiness you want.To have a happy marriage, the key lies in the marriage of two people, whether can see each other’s efforts, mutual respect, tolerance, equality of family status.If one of them because of their own conditions are more excellent, always in the marriage intentionally or unintentionally exaggerate this sense of superiority, everywhere to suppress the relatively weak party.Such marriages, then, are doomed to be stifling and hardly truly happy.Wang Cheng (pseudonym) chose to end his marriage because he could not bear his wife’s insolence.The marriage of Wang Cheng and his wife was a combination of poor boy and rich girl.Wang Cheng came from the countryside. His parents were both farmers and his family was of average condition.However, he himself is very hard, after graduating from college, he stayed in the city to find a decent job, and because of the work of the relationship, met his wife Xiao Lin, more than a year, the two officially married.His wife is a city girl, and his family is well off. His parents-in-law are reasonable people.When getting married, not only did not embarrass Wang Cheng on the dowry, but also gave his wife a house in the city for the couple to live.This year, the rural boy wants to buy a home in the city, really is not an easy thing.For this, Wang Cheng is very grateful, in ordinary life as long as his wife’s family needs, he will do his best not to complain.However, the wife’s marriage performance is not satisfactory.Although his wife was a little capricious when she was in love, she often took into account Wang Cheng’s feelings and did not have any excessive actions in life.Can be married, the wife of the rich family’s faults gradually exposed.When she got along with Wang Cheng, she always had a sense of superiority and suppressed her everywhere. She could not tolerate any refutation from Wang Cheng.Especially to Wang Cheng’s parents, as long as the mention of them, his wife is always open mouth a “rural people”, a “no culture”, a very dislike appearance.This made Wang Cheng very disgusted.However, due to the “convenience” of his in-laws when they got married, as well as the current situation that he still lived in his wife’s door-house, Wang Cheng always felt that he was shorter than his wife and dared not speak out about some of her behaviors.What made Wang Cheng unbearable and determined to divorce was something that happened when he returned home during the Spring Festival.When Wang Cheng’s mother celebrated her 60th birthday last year, the couple should have spent the Spring Festival with her.However, his wife was reluctant to return to the countryside, and the impact of the epidemic, Wang Cheng had to give up.So this year, Wang Cheng said he would take his wife back to stay with his parents.Who knows, the wife returns home is to give the family however “add obstruction” go, not only a smiling face does not give parents, still always disrelish this disrelish that.It wasn’t the bed, the yard was wet on a rainy day, or mother’s cooking.In short, there was nothing she liked at home.Even the family gathered together happily to eat the New Year’s Eve dinner, her mother gave her a chopsticks of her favorite braised fish, she is disgusted with her mother does not speak of hygiene, directly put away the chopsticks back to the room, leaving parents at a loss.Wang Cheng thought his wife was too much.If she dislikes her mother’s habit of not using chopsticks, she can put the fish in his bowl.Or you can skip the food in your bowl and just sit there and play with your phone.Should not be in the eve of the direct face, so disrespectful to their mother.A good year, we are not happy.Especially to see the parents careful appearance, Wang Cheng heart is mixed emotions, can only return to the city in advance.On the day of returning to the city, my mother put all the 100 jin of bacon made before the year into the trunk and let them take it back.But his wife was disgusted.Home while Wang Cheng to wash the gap, turned to the bacon to the village to pick up garbage aunt.That was mother’s hard work. How could she just leave without saying a word?Wang Cheng was very angry, finally backlog in the heart of all the anger broke out.The wife, however, did not realize the mistake and remained defiant and contemptuous.At the end of the quarrel, Wang Cheng directly put forward a divorce, ending this matchless depressive marriage life.Any marriage never ends for no reason.And through wang Cheng’s failed marriage, we also understand the following two truths.One: once giving becomes superiority, it will become unbearable pain in marriage.Wang Cheng and his wife’s marriage, belongs to the typical “female strong male weak” combination.The love world has always been popular with such a love curse, that is: women strong men weak marriage is doomed to go not long.Whether in real life, or in the entertainment circle, TV series, those “female strong male weak” combination of couples, it seems to confirm the truth of this magic spell, marriage is always easy to die halfway.Why can’t a marriage of strong women and weak men last long?In my opinion, the fundamental reason for the frequent disintegration of this kind of marriage combination lies in the unequal relationship between husband and wife.There are always some such wife or husband, rely on their original family strength, or their salary income is higher than the other side, even just because their appearance conditions are slightly better, bring a sense of superiority.Think the other party is high climb, is a toad to eat swan meat.Therefore, always patronize your partner and put your partner under constant pressure.Superiority, once formed, can become unbearable pain in a marriage.At first, your partner may choose to put up with it for a variety of reasons.But after a long time, either in the silence of death, or in the silence of the outbreak, separated.A really good marriage should be one of mutual respect and consideration between husband and wife.Is to use their own “advantage”, let life icing on the cake.Rather than always take their “advantage” as sarcasm capital, everywhere down.Two: the attitude to the partner’s parents is often determined by the depth of love for the partner.As an old Chinese saying goes, “Love me, love my dog.”Because like a person, associated with all the people and things related to him, also like and care.And your partner’s attitude toward your parents is often determined by how much he or she loves you.It is not hard to find that happily married couples tend to treat their partner’s parents and family as patiently and properly as they treat their own relatives.On the one hand, they hope to prove their value and gain the approval of their partner’s parents.On the other hand, only by taking good care of his parents and family, which he cares most, can he put more energy on fighting for the small family, and his marriage life will become more prosperous.The more love each other, the better for his parents.If there is no conflict between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law in a marriage, the wife is always harsh to the in-laws, no respect at all, often indicates that she does not love her partner as much as she says.If you love someone, how can you hurt their closest family members?Marriage is a union of two families.It’s not that a couple can live a good life just because they love each other behind closed doors.A partner’s family network, his or her parents and family, all have an inextricably linked relationship.If a woman wants to have a happy marriage, it is not enough to keep a man down and keep him in line.Only by learning to live with your partner as an equal, and by genuinely accepting and respecting him and his family, can the bond between you and your partner grow stronger and the relationship last longer.Article/no pen

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