Theshy and Rookie embrace let a person feeling!WBG ends V5 win streak

Recently, WBG and V5 met on the 3rd day of week 3 of 2022LPL spring season.This is the first game between The Rookie and Theshy since they left IG. This game has become one of the most important fights before the New Year.In the end, WBG came back from a game down to beat V5.From the overall performance of the two sides in the three games, in the first game, Rich, the top single player of V5, came to level 2 and finished the “single kill” against TheShy before the game started.Later, along with Karsa’s Gank, V5 gives TheShy a “package”, resulting in TheShy’s early “death” twice.Under such circumstances, although TheShy’s development was actually ok due to his excellent development ability, Rich’s Akeshan’s development was quite outstanding and his performance was also very active, which became the key for V5 to win the first game.The situation in the second game was similar to that in the first, except that the problem occurred on the two-man road.In this round, V5 got the double path between EZ and Yumi, but because yumi was the auxiliary, EZ was targeted by WBG in the early stage and “died” twice in a short period of time.EZ’s death not only caused the V5 double road to collapse, but also disrupted Karsa’s wild rhythm.In the end, WBG came back very easily.In the decider, V5’s road and middle got a very strong hero on the line.However, V5 did not gain a significant advantage in the alignment period.In addition to the V5 partial AD lineup selection, resulting in Karsa barrels had to be out of AP.In this case, V5’s lineup as a whole is brittle skin, SofM’s rob and TheShy’s Ohn attack a defense has a very large space.In the end, WBG defeated V5 with a better team and won the round.As a matter of fact, this round was not as intense as expected.Nor did there appear to be the “god Rookie” or full-throttle scenes that many had expected from TheShy.But interestingly enough, after the game, many LPL fans still saw what they wanted to see.That’s right. The scene of TheShy and Rookie embracing after the race has certainly caused a lot of emotions.Even though TheShy and Rookie have become rivals, they are still best buddies!What do you think, guys?

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