What are the charges for CET-4 and CET-6

English how to charge for band 4 and band 6: there is no unified standards, English test band 4 and band 6 registration fee is not unified charging standards, because the English test band 4 and band 6 is by the colleges and universities in a unified manner by the office of registration, so the charge is not the same all over the country, the cost of the specific please see own college office of specific notification.English 46 and 6 as the national unified exam, only the university student in school can enter oneself for an examination, social examinee is not ok enter oneself for an examination.Therefore, English cet-4 and CET-6 certificates have no validity period.If you want to register for CET-4 and CET-6, you can refer to the following points: 1.Click the mini program button to quickly query the qualifications and registration conditions of various industries for free
2. After login, enter your name, ID number, and verify your personal information, student status and subject information.3. After confirming the correctness of the individual, student status and the subject that can be applied for, click “Confirm” to enter the subject registration stage. If you have any objection to the information filled in, please contact the relevant department of the school.The examinee should register and pay for the written test subject. The test site of the written test subject is the school of the examinee without choice.5. Candidates can also register for the oral examination after finishing the examination of written examination subjects. The payment should be paid for the written examination subjects first, and then the oral examination subjects.6. Candidates must complete the payment within 24 hours after confirming their chosen subjects, otherwise the registration will be invalid.7. After registration, candidates can return to check the registration status.8. Candidates who have completed the speaking test will log on to the website and print the admission ticket according to the time notified by each provincial organizer.9. Candidates who register to complete the written test log in to the website to print the admission ticket or get the admission ticket as required by the school.

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