Can help you solve the book shortage of three fantasy text, a look is a whole night, New Year’s day to see the most appropriate!

Small make up as a senior old fan is committed to all kinds of high quality for clubs, recommendation, let you can read more wonderful novel content, after selecting the novel become easier, and you can also get more reference content here, let you can easily read later, are you looking for high quality the good helper of the novel, if interested in me updated content remember attention and recommendation!Today xiaobian to recommend to you: can help you solve the book shortage of three fantasy, a read is a whole night, New Year read the most appropriate!The first: “ten thousand ancient god emperor” author: fly sky fish introduction: can help you solve the book shortage of 3 xuanzhuan text, a look is a whole night, the New Year to see the most appropriate!Eight hundred years ago, the son of emperor Ming Zhang Ruochen, was killed by his fiancee Princess Chiyao, a generation of heaven, this fall.
After 800 years, Zhang Ruochen lived afresh come over, discover once killed his fiancee however, had united Kunlun bound, open up a first central empire, so-called “Empress of chi Yao”.Into the pit guide: want to know, his last life but the son of emperor Ming, read through a lot of high grade of skill and martial arts, all recorded in my mind, literally take out a practice of skill and practice martial arts can also sell sky-high price.The Nine Days of Ming Emperor sutra and prajna boxing of Dragon elephant are sacred scriptures in the whole Kunlun realm, so it is naturally impossible to sell them.In his memory, there are some other low-level skills and martial arts, just pick out a book, in yunwu county can also cause a sensation.Zhang Ruochen immediately find paper and ink, will be a set of ling level martial arts “tianxin jianfa” written down.Tianxin jianfa, zhang Ruochen has the lowest grade in memory of the martial arts.Spiritual inferior.”Spirit level inferior martial arts, in yunwu county country should be regarded as the top martial arts, even the Kind of Lin family, the most powerful martial arts, is estimated to be the spirit level inferior products, and only one or two sets at most, as the town of the unique.”You know, in Yunwu county, many martial artists have no chance to practice their martial arts.Even the inferior martial arts are a great treasure to them.The lowest price of human level inferior martial arts, at least to sell 300 silver coins, some of the fierce human level inferior martial arts, even can sell more than 1,000 silver coins, ordinary martial arts sanxiu can not afford to buy.Some of the martial arts to compete for a inferior level of their own martial arts, and even at people desperately.(click below free reading) the second: “seeking magic” author: Ergen introduction: magic before a knock three thousand years, looking back on the world not to do fairy, only for her.Pit guide: almost instantaneously, he Wu Sen from twelve, into thirteen, even do not give him the slightest reaction opportunity, do not give him the slightest resistance and struggle.Also stunned, not only he, but also in addition to him, from the tenth to the twentieth of all the people, they all in a sudden, ranking change, that change, gave them a sense of powerlessness, even the idea of resistance has not enough time to produce, the rest, only look up and shock.Wu Sen growled, his facial veins swelled and he rushed forward crazily through clenching teeth. He could not be reconciled!!With his move, all the ranking of those who fell on suming’s people, are standing up from the rest, gnashing teeth after!Can enter the top 20 people, how can be the ordinary generation, their pride does not allow them to give up easily, at the moment is no matter this midnight pressure enhancement, all move!Even Chen Chong, resting on the 547 steps, was a shock, staring at the token in his hand and gasping for breath. He could hear in his ears the muffled roar of the moment, which was the sound of the blood line increasing, which was the sound he had been longing to envy!At 553 bisu, the experience was even more profound, he was far from suming’s road, only a thick layer of fog cut off, he could clearly hear the muffled roar, can clearly feel, in the next step path, that called the Mosu, that crazy let a person terrible speed!(click below to read for free) the third book: “In the snow fierce sword line” author: The beacon fire play vassal introduction: river’s lake is a bead curtain.Big people, little people, beads, big stories little stories, strings.The word of love and righteousness is the spirit of those beads.Guide to the pit: the old sword god silently read that poem.I should forge three thousand fronts, a day to open the box yulong hao.Hand spirit ice three feet, a snake on the stone god.The old sword god stretched out his arm and said softly, “Xu Fengnian, borrow your husband’s sword, just one sword.”Xu Fengnian was startled.Li Chungang twittered: “OWE a sword.”Xu Fengnian gnawed his teeth and took out embroidered winter, throwing it to the upper part of the river, as if to throw it to the boat.The old sword god, who was looking at Jiang Ni, looked at her for the last time and said that the clay figure in xu’s mouth looked like the Princess of Beiliang. In fact, she looked more like the girl who liked to wear green clothes.Li Chungang smiled a smile, only vicissitudes of life, floating out of the bow, looking up heroic big smile: “small green robe son, and see Li Chungang this sword.Eyebrows erect language such as thunder, swallow river evil dumpling fat.Fight sword in the air a sword, a more don’t I two more back!”Back to the boat qingshan sword crown and that handle embroidered winter knife, not the horse cattle, not young Yushu linfeng, only an arm of the old man holding the embroidered winter is not a sword, turned around is only an understatement a sword.Qi Xuan frame said THAT I proved the way with the sword, not as good as the way of heaven, took the wrong road.You say one sword is enough.What do I Want from Li Chungang?!One sword is enough!Initial no one saw this sword elegant demeanour, only feel dull and tasteless, river quiet.But the dragon king of the blue shirt did not care about the boat, excited far escape.In an instant.The river was thundered and split, reaching 200 feet.Such a legendary land sword fairy sword, the world really jiaolong, but also to be killed on the spot!(Click below to read for free) Pay attention to don’t get lost, there are more wonderful content waiting for you in the future, is your side of the novel recommended helper!Past wonderful content: three invincible flow novel recommendation, plot and character building almost perfect, like to collect quickly!Net world new three peak god, mortal creator, fairy peak, fantastic brilliant!The three great god books of the celestial chivalry, each one is a great god works, the old bookworm have all read!

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