Look at this big face plate to keep your pot black!

Look at this big face plate to keep your pot black!Is anyone happy enough to be in holiday mode right now?For the “year” festival, it is the day for family reunion, and then we gather together to eat and drink, good lively life!But after lively, what leave is a kitchen messy, think very headache right?From my personal experience, I can give you a few tips on how to resolve these awkward situations perfectly.When you’re chatting with friends and family, do you occasionally forget about the soup in the kitchen pot that is bubbling over?Think of a black pot, and how long it takes to brush it, and how your head feels like it’s bursting.Come on!Wouldn’t it be nice to recommend an anti-crime kitchen gadget that doesn’t have to spend time in the kitchen staring at the fire, but can also chat with everyone in the living room?You only need to cook, put the heat conduction plate in the stove, and then put the pot on the heat conduction plate, separate fire heating, you can avoid direct contact with the pot and open fire, pot without leaving traces, clean as new.It may be a gadget, but it is made of thickened enamel, which is thick and resistant to deformation, efficient heat transfer and excellent heat storage.After you make soup and stew food, you can turn off the heat in advance, so it can use its residual temperature to keep warm.Look at the heat conduction plate. There are many hollow heat conduction holes on the round, big face plate, which can disperse the intensive fire evenly across the bottom of the pot, avoiding the bottom of the pot from burning, but also making the food more delicious.Our daily use of small milk POTS, small soup POTS, small saucepans and so on can be put on the heat, convenient and fast!In addition, the round hole designed on the handle can also be suspended directly for storage.Whose pot should be expensive, so rather than make it black, let it to help you keep the pot it should be clean, so this heat plate, you say is not necessary in the kitchen?Stainless steel plate clamp to say “people floating in the kitchen, which can not hang color”, slightly not careful was hot cry, this is a fact, do not believe.When you bake the egg tarts out of the oven, reheat the bread, and then take a steamed chicken from the pot, you will accidentally get hot, but I feel that these are actually avoidable, for example, using this tray holder, I hope to make you less suffering from burns!Can’t get it out of the pan when you’re steaming eggs, fish, etc?When you are worried that the steaming bowl is too big and too hot to be taken out directly by hand, then this stainless steel anti-hot tray holder must be arranged!Because of this pincer-style tray holder, it can be clamped horizontally or vertically.Concave and convex collet, suitable for various sizes of plates, easy to clamp;It has a 180 degree tensioning and wide finger position design. I have tried it for you. It feels comfortable to hold and can bear well.Crucially, it can also be hung, which makes it easier to store.Stainless steel material, not only anti-hot, long service life, and belongs to food grade materials, safe and environmental protection.Sink filter net to imagine a picture with me — vegetable leaves, leftovers, meat residue, grease, all piled up in the small sink, can not flush down and can not pour out, endure the smell with the hand to pick, it is too disgusting, have you?So this sink filter net you must have!This sink filter net, have to say the mesh close fine, can effectively intercept all kinds of food residue, filtration more thoroughly, and it keeps the sewer wall clean at the same time, but also can prevent blocking, prevent peculiar smell.All you have to do is take three steps, pull and lift, and throw it in the trash, and we’re done with the days of hand-digging the drain!Of course, not only the kitchen sink, bathroom floor drain, wash basin, etc., can be installed on one.I share with you the little things, you don’t have to think, you can close your eyes, because these are my trial and error, get the summary of combat experience!And share it with everyone!

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