Na Gu town entrepreneurial people back to the village for the poor people to send warmth

On January 25, the Red Cross society of Qilin district and the Red Cross Society of Huize County joined hands with Yunnan Chitong Transportation Co., Ltd. to carry out a Spring Festival condolance activity in Xianxuan Village of Nagu Town.In this condolence activity, Yunnan Chitong Transportation Co., Ltd. donated 230 bags of rice and 230 bottles of edible oil, and will send one bag of rice and one bottle of edible oil to each household of the impoverished people in Brine Village, so that they can have a happy festival.”I was born here. My hometown is my roots.It is my wish to make some contribution to my hometown and make a meager effort. I will always stick to it.I hope my hometown develops better and better in the future.”Yunnan Chi tong transport Co., LTD. Director Wang Minghua said.Na Gu Town Wang Zuwen editor: Yuan Ronghui

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