Sun Jie, CEO of Ctrip Group: Tourism is a golden key to rural revitalization

In 2021, the tourism industry will seek opportunities in times of crisis and embark on a road to normalize the development of the epidemic.As the representative enterprise of tourism, Ctrip is already 23 years old “youth” this year.In recent years, from the outbreak of the epidemic to the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, Ctrip and many other tourism companies have jointly faced the challenges brought by the epidemic and made profound changes.In 2021, ctrip will continue to focus on the layout of “content” under the strategy of “ploughing deeply in China and embracing the world”, and accelerate the iteration of the sword of “BOSS Live broadcast”. On the basis of live broadcast, ctrip will actively expand its boundaries, open tools, experience and flow, and build a live broadcast platform.Ctrip drives the tourism industry chain to actively save themselves and promote the recovery of the industry.What will be the trend of the tourism industry that has learned to live with the epidemic in 2022?This year, how will Ctrip meet the change?At the beginning of the New Year, time Weekly interviewed Sun Jie, CEO of Ctrip Group.In The opinion of Sun Jie, the tourism industry will be in a state of fluctuating recovery in 2022.At present, the booster vaccine has been popularized, and the severe disease rate and death rate have decreased significantly. Dr. Zhang Wenhong has said many times that this may be the last winter.”The recovery of the epidemic and the recovery of tourism are deeply linked, and I believe 2022 will be a year of accelerated recovery.”Time weekly: Please use key words or a few sentences to summarize the opportunities and challenges, the new normal and new changes facing your industry in 2021.Sun Jie: Difficult recovery.In 2021, the tourism industry is recovering, but it is not easy to recover. There are many twists and turns in the process, including local epidemics, floods and typhoons, and local Spring Festival.Businesses and tourists are learning to “live” with the epidemic. In this situation, people’s travel radius has been reduced, and peripheral Tours, private groups and short outdoor activities have become the new trend.Time weekly: What goals and achievements did Ctrip achieve in 2021?Sun Jie: 2021, Ctrip overall recovery is good.”Content” was our key layout this year. Whether it was graphic, video or live broadcast, the content growth and conversion rate exceeded our expectations.If anything has not met expectations, it may be the extent of the recovery of the epidemic, with the impact of repeated local fluctuations still very clear.Time: What’s the hardest thing about 2021 for you, or something that’s going to make you work harder?Sun Jie: We have been living with the epidemic for more than two years, and especially in 2021, the epidemic is in a state of ups and downs.It will take more effort than ever to counter or balance the ups and downs and build continued confidence in the industry and its employees.Time weekly: What measures will Ctrip take in 2021 in terms of strategic choice, positive response, investment strategy, transformation and innovation?Sun Jie: In the two years since the outbreak, Ctrip’s core strategy has been to “cultivate domestic and global”, and continue to deepen content, supply chain, products and quality. This has also upgraded Ctrip from a transaction platform to a platform integrating inspiration, discounts and leisure.Time weekly: In 2021, many industries will face a bigger crisis. When you are making a choice between “lying down” and “breaking out”, what is your business philosophy that supports you?Sun Jie: In the midst of the epidemic, people may want to travel the most.We’ve seen this love in countless articles, videos and reviews, and it reinforces the value and meaning of travel — an integral part of the good life, an irreplaceable experience with virtual technology, and an indispensable driver of economic growth.Time weekly: In 2022, there will be many new trends and signals in China’s political and economic life. What are you most concerned about?What do you read into that?Sun Jie: The new development signal is generally good for tourism.Personally, I care most about “high-quality development” and “common prosperity”.High quality development, this and the strategy of Ctrip happen to coincide.The epidemic is a reshuffle for the tourism industry. Enterprises that focus only on the speed of development rather than the quality of development will hardly survive.Common prosperity is the unity of material wealth and spiritual wealth. Tourism just takes both into account. Tourism is both the “result” of material wealth and the “cause” of spiritual wealth.Time weekly: What is the most important strategic direction, strategic goal or transformation and innovation measure of your company in 2022?Sun Jie: The core strategy is still to “cultivate deeply in China and cherish the world”.2021 is the second year of our domestic strategy, and we will continue to grow bigger and stronger in content, supply chain, products and quality.In 2022, we will continue to strive toward the goal of becoming a one-stop tourism platform.In terms of the international market, the global tourism industry is accelerating recovery, especially in Europe and the United States. This is an opportunity for Ctrip to seize and take the lead on the road of globalization.Time weekly: In terms of the investment intention of traditional businesses, do your companies tend to shrink, maintain the status quo or actively increase?Will you actively explore new business?Sun Jie: In fact, some new vitality has emerged from the crisis of the epidemic.We tend to cautiously explore the status quo.In the past two years, the epidemic has made us retrain our “basic skills” and build some infrastructure, such as personnel training and data services.In 2022, we will continue to increase investment in this area to provide continuous and improved enabling for industry partners.Time weekly: In terms of macro, industrial and regulatory policies, what are your expectations and suggestions for 2022?Sun Jie: Rural revitalization is a major national task.On the realization path, tourism revitalization is a golden key to rural revitalization.For 2022 and many years to come, our biggest expectation is the construction and opening of the rural tourism market. We hope that more preferential policies will be adopted to make the “vast world” truly “promising”.

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