Weighing 3 tons of steel plate disappeared, the police quickly solved the case 24 hours

Xinmin Evening News (correspondent Yang Xiaojun reporter Jiang Yue zhong) in the construction site of the location of the import and export, the construction unit will often lay steel plate to facilitate large vehicles through, a steel plate weighs several tons, to move is not easy, but even so or by people “thinking” on the.Recently, huangpu public Security branch xiaodong men police station through careful investigation, quickly cracked a theft of construction site materials, the suspect arrested.Picture: the construction unit laid steel plate.Huangpu public security bureau for figure on January 3 in the morning, a construction unit zheng anxiously to xiaodongmen, jurisdiction, head of the police station, said he had placed more grain, xue jia bang road northwest corner site inlet of a disappearance weighs about 3 tons of steel, and even in the temporary warehouse six is about 1 meter long speed bumps are gone.Feeling strange, Mr Zheng had to turn to the police for help.After receiving the report, the police arrived at the scene immediately. Through field visits and reviewing public videos, they found that the missing property was stolen on December 31, 2021.The stolen goods weigh several tons, so it’s not easy to steal them. Who did it?With the deepening of the investigation, police based on a crane in the video finally locked the suspects Cao Fei and Cao Dry, and quickly arrested the two men.Picture said: construction units to the police presented a brocade flag to express gratitude.Huangpu public security branch for the original, the suspect Cao fei and Cao dry is the person in charge of contracting a basic construction project, due to the construction of road excavation, the need for temporary laying of steel plate, and the steel plate prepared in advance is not enough, so two people actually thought of stealing from the nearby site.On the same day, Cao two people to find crane drivers and workers came to more than jia Road a construction site, while no one at night, quietly stole the value of more than 20,000 yuan of building materials.At present, the suspect Cao fei and Cao dry for suspected theft has been huangpu police criminal compulsory measures, the case is being further investigated.

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