Members’ suggestions on rural revitalization by retaining nostalgia with local culture

In order to make all sectors of society more comprehensive, more in-depth understanding of the conference, the news team of the fifth session of the 12th CPPCC of Shandong Province appointed 10 provincial CPPCC members from different industries, different sectors as special members of the reporters.They will focus on hot topics of public concern from the first perspective, record what they see and feel inside and outside the venue, and deliver more good voices of the “TWO sessions” through dazhong website and poster news.This year, shandong provincial government work report, to unswervingly build a model of rural revitalization qilu.In this regard, Yin Hongzong, professor of Shandong Agricultural University, suggested that we should further inherit and develop rural local culture and help rural culture revitalization.In his opinion, the inheritance of local culture includes four aspects.The first aspect is local operas, folk customs, folk songs, martial arts, etc.The second aspect is rural etiquette culture, including weddings and funerals, etc.The third aspect is the culture of loyalty and filial piety;The fourth aspect is family culture, including family tree, ancestral temple, family motto and so on.Reporter Zhang Fashui, reporter Sun Jie and guo reported from Jinan

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