Shenzhen school district housing prices significantly cooling around the relevant school district housing policy at a glance

Last year, cracking down on speculation of school district housing has become one of the important work of many local regulatory authorities, especially in first-tier cities with tight quality education resources. The adjustment of school district housing policy is also the focus of the market.The Education Bureau of Longhua District, Shenzhen, has released the enrollment scope of new public schools in autumn 2022.To longhua area of the affiliated high school of education science research institute, longhua area, longhua district mission hills experimental school foreign language school high school district, longhua area f city experimental school, longhua area HuaYue third experimental school campus, longhua area huasheng schools consummation her virginity, longhua district, longhua area liberal arts school, middle school hony longhua middle school campus, shenzhen longhua school affiliated to east China normal university, divided into ten school recruitThe scope of students, and to the public, which mentioned the computer assignment school district: by the future primary school, Longhua District experimental school primary school, peace experimental primary school district of 3 school districts.In addition, the specific admission procedures of Shenzhen Longhua School affiliated to ECNU will be formulated separately.Dalian city 12 departments jointly issued “Dalian City continuous regulation of the real estate market order implementation plan” (hereinafter referred to as the “plan”).The plan makes it clear that the rectification includes issuing false and illegal real estate advertisements;Release false housing information;In the name of school district housing speculation housing prices;Did not obtain the pre-sale license or do not meet the conditions for the sale of commercial housing, in order to subscribe, reservation, row and other ways to the buyer in disguised charge of sincerity, deposit, advance;To collect fees in excess of the fees stipulated in the contract or published standards;Not according to the provisions of the publicity of property service fee project standards related information;Assist to defraud, embezzle, illegal use of residential special maintenance funds and other illegal acts.Zhejiang Zhejiang provincial people’s Congress representative, Quzhou Longyou County Education Bureau teaching and research office teaching and research member LAN Xuemin to the 13th provincial people’s Congress is being held in the sixth session of the proposal on the implementation of the “university area housing” policy, promote education equity: the implementation of the “university area housing” in the province, explore multi-school zoning, allocation of quotas, lottery and other enrollment methods.Liuzhou has released a list of schools that will implement “degree locking” in the autumn semester of 2022.After the formal implementation of “degree lock”, “school district housing forever rise, a house to solve thousands of worries” situation, I am afraid to have to change.It seems that the degree lock policy is just an enrollment reform system, but it will have a great impact on children’s schooling, school district housing purchase and even the trend of the property market.In layman’s terms, a house in a district allows a couple’s child to apply for a degree only once in a single school year (six years of elementary school and three years of junior high).If there are more than one child applying for the same apartment, they must be the same parent or legal guardian. Children from other families are not allowed to apply for the degree in the same apartment.If it is an ancestral home, the home can only be used by one of the children to apply for a degree.Wuhan real Estate Administration bureau recently issued the Notice of “Wuhan Real Estate Development Enterprise credit Supervision Measures” (hereinafter referred to as the notice), which will be implemented on February 1.For developers to use educational resources to attract home buyers, the new measures make clear provisions:In the name of school district housing speculation housing prices, in the promotion of commercial housing project publicity or use is still in planning or construction of the school name, image signs and other school-related content, as well as the use of “famous” “degree room” “university room” “index room” and other violations of the principle of compulsory education equity related words, misleading buyers market expectations.According to the notice, 10 points will be deducted for those who fail to rectify their violations, resulting in collective complaints or petitions, and fail to resolve them in a timely and effective manner.Beijing Last August 25, Beijing officially held the “education ‘double reduction’ work press conference”.At the meeting, Beijing officially disclosed all the details of the upcoming “teacher rotation system.”In principle, all teachers in public schools who are more than 5 years from retirement and who have worked in the same school for 6 years or more should be exchanged and rotated.In principle, all the presidents and vice presidents of public schools who have more than 5 years to retire and have worked in the same school for 6 years should exchange posts.Last July 6, Beijing Xicheng District housing authority reiterated that it is strictly prohibited to hype school district housing, the real estate brokerage agencies shall not be school district housing as a selling point to release housing sources, do not accept the price is significantly higher than the market price of the commission, shall not participate in the speculation school district housing any activities.As early as April 22 last year, the Beijing Municipal Commission of Housing and urban and rural Development issued a “notice on further strengthening the real estate market order renovation work” pointed out that the focus for the recent people reflect strong institutional speculation school district housing and other problems.According to the research, study the version of the real estate investment industry from 2021 to 2026 the government of strategic management and regional development strategies research and consulting report analysis with the constant reform of state for education in recent years, in order to promote fair education resources, let more children can receive the fair education, relevant departments have issued a number of new policies,The goal is to crush school district housing.In a meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held in April this year, it took the lead in strictly restricting the behavior of school district housing speculation price, the meeting stressed that “houses are for living, not for speculation”, the phenomenon of sky-high school district housing will no longer exist.Tencent real estate recently released that in the next five years there is a demand for housing users in the 80, 90, 00 after three age groups, but school district housing fell off the altar, more parents clearly said that school district housing is no longer considered.Where are the future industry investment opportunities?For more detailed information about the market, please click on the research report “2021-2026 edition of real Estate Investment Industry Government Strategic Management and Regional Development Strategy Research consulting Report”.

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