Shibei District: Party construction leads the New Year to write a warm people’s livelihood answer paper

Peninsula media reporters Liu smile to create a happy and peaceful festive atmosphere, carry forward the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, shibei Helen rd street party leading role into full play, set up the grid platform, to the party and for the people service as the breakthrough point, create a happy and peaceful Spring Festival atmosphere, warm to residents nearby, and improve the well-being of the masses and satisfaction.Hailun Road street adheres to the guidance of Party construction, continuously strengthens the service chassis, relies on the “E-home platform of the Party and the Masses”, gives full play to the role of the grid Party branch fighting fortress, and solves the practical problems of residents.Recently, we have solved some problems, such as the induction light in the 448 corridor of Nanjing Road is not bright, the wall skin of no.7 Courtyard of Duchang Road falls off, the stairs of Unit 3 of No.116 Tailiu Road is damaged, and the clothes in the south courtyard of No.4 Building of No.45 Hailun Road is inconvenient to dry, etc., which have secured the residents’ life for the Spring Festival and won the residents’ high points.In order to enrich the cultural life of local residents and create a happy, peaceful and civilized festive atmosphere, Hailun Road streets and communities rely on the practice of civilization in the new era to carry out “Our Festival, Spring Festival” series of activities.Hailun Road Sub-district New Era Civilization Practice institute launched “Welcome the Year of the Tiger” — youth creative handmade lantern making activities.With the help of volunteers, lanterns were made on site to send New Year’s greetings to everyone.Jiading Mountain Community New Era civilization Practice station to carry out Spring Festival to send blessings into the community activities.Students from Chongqing South Road No. 3 Primary School went into the community to send their own handwritten “Fu” to the residents, to send the New Year’s greetings for 2022.”This activity is very good, active community life, also let us receive full blessing, hope to hold more such activities in the future,” said the community resident.Safety is more important than Mount Taishan, in order to further strengthen the supervision and inspection of work safety, to ensure that the work of work safety during the Spring Festival continues to be stable.Hailun Road street actively carry out safety inspection action, for the area of the building, catering and shops of the key parts of the spot check, will eliminate security risks in the bud.Focusing on the safety fire control facilities equipment, electricity, gas use, from several aspects, such as food safety unit of unsafe, serious rectification in place, supervision responsibility unit focuses on organization “look back” at the same time, secondary inspections of relevant units, determined to initiate an investigation on overdue rectification unit, make sure the problems found have finished overhaul.According to statistics, since 2021, hailun Road street has sent a total of 900 people to complete the inspection of more than 2,000 production and business units.

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