The first “thousands of years old Yuelu Culture Lintao” large lights will light up

People take part in a Lantern Festival at the foot of Yuelu Mountain in Lintao County, Northwest China’s Gansu Province, Jan. 25, 2019.Xu Shude, secretary of the County Party Committee, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Zhang Zhenya, deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee and Head of the county, presided over the ceremony.City social science federation chairman He Zhenying, county people’s Congress standing Committee director Chen Weishan, county CPPCC Chairman Li Hui, county party Committee standing Committee, publicity Minister Li Ruilan, county people’s Congress standing Committee deputy director Jie Boxiang, deputy county magistrate Du Ling, Gong Weilong, county CPPCC vice Chairman Zhao Dongming attended the lighting ceremony.Yuelu Mountain, the first national AAAA scenic spot built in Lintao County, has a history of more than 1,000 years since it was named Dongyue Temple in yuanfeng Period of the Northern Song Dynasty, Xu said.More than 40 scenic spot of antique buildings in green jungle between the pines, Lao tze culture, Taoist culture, buddhist culture and profound cultural heritage, such as jiang pier, qin and han dynasties beacons, such as military sites scattered, longyou revolutionary memorial hall, Dijon xinjiang pavilion, green garden bright colours such as red resources, is a blend of old and new, beautiful scenery and the humanities ceremony resort.For a long time, every Spring Festival, climbing yue foothills, enjoy lanterns is the traditional customs of the county people.This year is the beginning of our county’s in-depth implementation of the “Cultural County” strategy. On the eve of the Spring Festival, we covered the lofty castle peak with colorful lights and lit up the most beautiful night sky Milky Way in Lintao. It was a New Year’s greeting gift sent by the County Party Committee and the county government to the people of lintao.I hope that the masses of villagers wander in the sea of lights, interact with each other in joy, and spend a lively, safe and peaceful Spring Festival together.All relevant departments and organizers should do their best to provide reception services, epidemic prevention and control, safety management and other services during the Lantern Festival, and provide a shocking and bright visual feast for tourists.At the ceremony, Gong Weilong introduced the tourism resources of our county and the situation of the lantern fair, and the leaders who attended the ceremony jointly lit the lamps for yuelu Mountain.With the theme of “Eternal Yuelu Culture Lintao”, the Lantern Festival is featured with “Huhu Shengwei celebrates The Spring Festival, Long Taohe ode to ancient and modern times, outstanding people and beautiful scenery, and the charm of Di Dao is still alive today”, mainly in the form of “lantern +” and the collection of artistic performances and other elements.Planning set the parent-child area, the han culture experience area, the spirit of the red area, urban culture set, necessities and so on nine big plate 74 groups of large headlamp unit, the Lantern Festival activities will begin on January 25, from late until the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, let the masses, tourist friends in about a taste world-famous zigong lantern unique charm,We will further enrich and invigorate the spiritual and cultural lives of the people, create a festive atmosphere of joy, peace and celebration, and effectively enhance the people’s sense of gain and happiness.Reporter | | zhi-bin dong photography editing | deng yu lee coordinating editor | chien-min chao Yang Yang Li-li jia editing | Tan Mingqiang producer peng | side countries

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