To the year of the tiger, I wait for you in Linxia New Year’s Day, into dongxiang County

Firecrackers, the festival atmosphere increasingly rich thriving, celebrate New Year the lunar New Year holiday in the end haven’t travel friend, we need to work quickly to arrange the dongxiang county is absolutely you can’t miss in linxia, known as “lanzhou garden” here is a great option for the Spring Festival travel today, it is near to follow the footsteps of small make up to go to China dongxiang county see landscapes, to admire the snow, hand grasp, inhabitants kiln…Here has the story, the water there is kindness to be found there’s a culture with folk picked up a piece of dongxiang catch mutton touch the walls buds listen to hide and the mountains of warm memory is located in the “flowers of the township” in linxia, dongxiang county, near China’s river, scattered within the territory of 1750 Liang Mao and 3083 gap, is known as the “ribs” earth “dashan” party.Since it was listed as one of the key counties for rural revitalization, this affectionate land has bred strong vitality for development and is drawing a magnificent picture of rural revitalization.Dongxiang is a colorful and amorous land, a land dedicated to struggle, and a land filled with deep feeling. The quiet and comfortable life here has become a wonderful life for families on the shore of Taohe River.In dongxiang county more than 1500 square kilometers of land, there are more than 200 to The Times swagger, forge ahead of the mountain villages, they are showing the appearance of the new era.Driving along the wide new red secondary highway, the quiet village of Bulenggou is hidden in the bush of the highway. When you enter the small mountain village, you are greeted by the purity of the snow and ice. Not far away, rows of neat and lined farmyards stretch to the edge of the blue sky.Bulenggou Village has also become one of the ordinary villages in dongxiang.Benevolent people enjoy mountains, wise people enjoy water. Farmers in Hetan town, on the bank of Liujiaxia Reservoir Area, have also built more and more perfect rural Tours to enjoy mountains, water and farm life.When you come to Dongxiang, you can experience folk customs in an immersive way, which is even more interesting. The quaint courtyard is chic and comfortable. Dongxiang embroidery, insole and cloth shoes have become a window for people to understand Dongxiang culture.Experience dongxiang life in the cave dwelling, experience the fun of rolling field in the wheat field, and take shape of various folk customs experience areas to return to the past, bringing thoughts to the past, those once familiar with the rural life have become the most homesick elements of rural tourism.When you come to Dongxiang, you must experience the exclusive flavor of mutton with three batteries.Before the food is on the table, tea will be served to the guests to enjoy, before the meal in the hands of the three fortress is the biggest feature of dongxiang banquet.Dongxiang people like drinking tea. Different from other places, tea cups contain not only tea, but also dates, rock sugar, longan, wolfberry and other rich materials.In a mouthful of tea, there is sweetness in the light bitter tea, which contains many kinds of fragrance.Don’t eat dongxiang hand grasp, white to Linxia run.Grabbing mutton by hand is a unique way for dongxiang people to eat mutton. It is named for cutting with one hand and grabbing the meat with the other. It is delicious and belongs to Dongxiang Tribute sheep.A plate of mutton, meat red fat white, fat and not full of mutton, color and lustre attractive, cut with a knife to eat, although eat mouth oil hand slippery, but carefully taste, cool and not greasy, oil run meat crisp, tender smooth soft, taste extraordinary.Dongxiang hand grasping mutton has become linxia jing guest reception of good food.This Spring Festival, you may wish to bring friends and relatives to Xiadong Township to feel the flavor of the Spring Festival, relax in the food and charm of folk customs, and find comfort and beauty

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