3 Change coaches!China ping coaching staff seriously short of hands?Fan: why always injured Sun Yingsha?

Recently, in order to prepare for the WTT Singapore Grand Slam, China Ping is in Hainan Lingshui closed training.And from the team announced the list of players and coaching staff members, the most surprising is now women’s singles world no.1 Sun Yingsha has changed the coach.Since the End of the Tokyo Olympic Games, Sun Yingsha’s coach problems can be said to let the team, fans hold the heart broken.After the World Championships, the coaching staff decided to replace Chen Qi, an Olympic champion in men’s doubles, to play as the head coach of Sun Yingsha. The two will work hand in hand to advance to Paris Olympics.In just one and a half years, the new first sister of China Table Tennis women’s singles has changed coaches three times, which makes many people hard to understand.After the Tokyo Olympic cycle, Sun’s former head coach, Huang Haicheng, left the team for family reasons.Although he has said many times that he will stay in touch with Sun to help her improve her technical skills, it is not as good as hand-holding and face-to-face communication.Earlier in the Houston World Championships, the coaching staff had to play Chen Qi as Sun Yingsha’s coach temporarily.Sun yingsha finished second to Wang Manyu in the final of the Women’s singles at the World Table Tennis Championships and then came top in the WTT World Cup final.Li Falcon, head coach of the women’s team, revealed that the team has actually been helping Sun Yingsha to investigate the most suitable candidate for head coach.Coach Ma Lin led Coach Chen Meng, coach Xiao Zhan led coach Wang Manyu, Li Yang limited energy, therefore, Sun Yingsha’s head coach is particularly “difficult labor”.As Chen Qi had previously been one of the coaching staff of the men’s team, he could not achieve the desired effect after a short period of friendly cooperation with Sun Yingsha, and was eventually replaced by Qiu Yike, a senior coach of the women’s team, as Sun Yingsha’s head coach.Qiu had been the head coach of wang Yidi, another famous woman on the women’s team, and led Mimato ITO, who swept Japan at the world Championships.It is never easy to be sun Yingsha’s coach.Qiu Yike said in an interview that he has both pressure and motivation, and hope to work with Sun Yingsha forward to help her achieve greater dreams.Sun yingsha said she believed qiu could bring her something new and was looking forward to making progress with her coach in the Paris Olympic cycle.Head coach Li Yang is very optimistic about the pair, saying that Qiu has excellent coaching ability and is aggressive and creative in training.And as a young coach, he and Sun Yingsha in communication is also more smooth.The upcoming WTT Singapore Grand Slam will be the first international appearance for qiu Yike and Sun Yingsha.Sun Yingsha is now the absolute core of the National women’s Table Tennis team and will be the main force of the Paris Olympic Games.Qiu, who represents the young coaches of the women’s team, is also expected to bring Sun yingsha to the Olympic gold medal.The 2022 season has arrived, qiu Yike and Sun Yingsha can hand over to the team what kind of answer paper?

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