CCTV hit trenches on the eastern front, exposed underground battle control room, Russian troops react

According to reports, Chinese CCTV reporters went alone to cover the front lines in eastern Ukraine.The distance between zelet and the Pro-Russian forces in Udon was so close, just a few hundred meters apart, that your correspondent, wearing body armor, gingerly entered a trench after a previous war to report on the “everyday” life of Ukrainian soldiers, regardless of the danger.Russia’s southern military operations on the 25th said that the current military region of various troops are gathering, ready for the exercise, the exercise of a total of more than 6,000 soldiers, they have conducted a combat readiness check, the exercise can be carried out at any time, the military said that the training mission as planned.In addition, commander Dvornikov said that the exercise is not just a branch of the military, air force, air defense forces, the Black Sea area fleet will also participate in the exercise, they will be based on the specific situation of the relevant response, according to the operational intention to complete the mission.It is worth noting that the Ukraine issue continues to simmer, and the relationship between the United States and Russia is becoming increasingly complicated.U.S. Defense Department spokesman John Kirby recently said in public that some U.S. troops are ready to support Europe if necessary, but no final decision has been made.At the same time, Kirby said if American troops are needed, they could be ready to go to Europe in five days.The purpose of the U.S. military operation was twofold: to deter and warn Russia, and to reassure European Allies.While no firm decision has been made so far, the White House has not denied that changes could be made in the future.The United States and its Allies widely believe that a Russian invasion of Ukraine is increasingly likely, and while Russia says it has no intention of invading Ukraine, relations between the United States and Russia have become strained over the issue.The United States says the presence of Russian troops near the border with Ukraine is a clear indication of an invasion.Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova rejected the U.S. claims, saying it was a way for Western countries to project their influence and Ukraine was being used as a tool.At present, the eyes of all countries in the world are turning to the Border between Russia and Ukraine.In this context, the attitude of European countries is worth pondering. The UK took a strong attitude to condemn Russia’s behavior;Germany was more conciliatory and said it would not provide arms;France does not want to rely too much on the United States and wants Europe to have its own voice.It is clear that opinion within NATO is divided over the incident.Statistics show that the United States has spent more than 2.7 billion dollars in aid to Ukraine over the past 14 years. History will tell us who caused the conflict in the region.Partial reference news: Zhengzhou radio and Television

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