Gasoline 92 will soon be out of the market, replacement worries, owners: better gas mileage

With the implementation of national 6 emission standards, many car owners are very headache, because the implementation of national 6 emission testing is more and more stringent.According to emissions data, the country 6 emission standards are billed as one of the strictest in history, not only 50 percent stricter than Country 5, but also slightly stricter than the European standard of Country 6.In order to cater for the continuous tightening of emission regulations, 15 departments including the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration jointly issued the Implementation Plan on Expanding biofuel Ethanol Production and Promoting the Use of Motor Ethanol Gasoline, promoting the use of motor ethanol gasoline nationwide.This year, the National Energy Administration once again released the “2021 Energy Regulatory Key Tasks List”, ethanol gasoline promotion special supervision is also among them, which shows that the country attaches importance to ethanol gasoline.There have been rumours that the 92 is about to say goodbye to the automobile and that ethanol will replace it.When many owners hear this problem are a little afraid, after all, they have used traditional fuel for so long, do not know whether ethanol fuel is good, and do not know what impact the ethanol fuel will have on their cars, etc., let’s look at ethanol gasoline.What is the difference between ethanol gasoline and ordinary gasoline?Now there are many car owners who go out for self-driving travel during the holidays. When the car stops at the refueling area, they will see a letter E in front of the gasoline label on the signboard, such as E92#, E95#, E98# and so on.You might wonder what this means, but this is actually ethanol gasoline.Ethanol gasoline is a new type of alternative energy which is made from grain and various plant fibers and blended with ordinary gasoline in a certain proportion.According to the national standard of Our country, ethanol gasoline is blended with 90% ordinary gasoline and 10% fuel ethanol.The biggest difference between ethanol gasoline and ordinary gasoline is that ethanol gasoline does not burn than ordinary gasoline.Because ethanolgasoline is 10% ethanol, its chemical composition is a little purer.Ethanol focuses more on its environmental protection, and makes cars with ethanol gasoline can better meet the national sixth standard.The downside of ethanol-fueled gasoline Is that ethanol melts only 60 percent as fast as gasoline, so in theory, a car with ethanol-fueled gasoline should consume at least 6 percent more fuel than a regular gasoline car.Therefore, when the fuel consumption increases, the mileage of a tank of fuel will be less, and some owners report that they can feel the engine power decline after adding ethanol gasoline.At the same time, the shelf life of ethanol gasoline is relatively short, because ethanol gasoline is prone to water and oil separation, so the transportation and storage cycle of ethanol gasoline is only 4 to 5 days.After the vehicle adds ethanol gasoline, it is best to use up within 15 days, more than 15 days has not been used up, gasoline may decompose and deteriorate, produce some adverse reactions.It is suggested that when adding ethanol gasoline, try to use how much to add how much, do not add after it, the vehicle is parked for a long time.Can regular gasoline be mixed with ethanol gasoline?In fact, occasionally mixing is no problem, although it will increase fuel consumption, but it will not cause too much damage to the car, only a slight impact.It is worth noting that vehicles with more than 30,000 kilometers of mileage must be cleaned before using ethanol gasoline.Summary despite there are many shortcomings of ethanol gasoline, ethanol gasoline is the developing direction and trend of automobile fuel, and many owners see only ethanol gasoline low calorific value, the characteristics of short range, but neglected the ethanol gasoline can reduce the carbon deposition, remove the spark plug, combustion chamber dirt, prolonging the service life of the engine.And with the development of automobile and fuel oil, will certainly promote and improve each other.Eventually ethanol gasoline will be on the market.

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