Ice dun dun, snow rong melt into the top flow, hangzhou Asian Games “Jiangnan memory” combination can meet the baton?

Science fiction network February 11 news (Zhu Xiwei) On February 4, the 24th Winter Olympic Games in Beijing grand opening.At the same time, the winter Olympic mascots Bing Dwen dwen and the Winter Paralympic mascots Xue Rong melted into flames.A week past, ice dun dun, snow rong rong heat is not reduced, became the hot topic of the top flow.The attention to Bing Dwen dwen and snow Rong Rong is high because it is in the middle of the Beijing Winter Olympics.This year, China will also hold a grand event, namely the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.There are three mascots for the Hangzhou Asian Games: Tsuncong, Lian Lian and Chen Chen.”Jiangnan Memory” comes from bai Juyi’s famous sentence “Jiangnan memory, the most memorable is Jiangnan”. While highlighting hangzhou’s profound cultural heritage, the robot shape of the mascot represents the vitality of the historic city of Hangzhou in the new era, in line with the positioning of hangzhou Asian Games as “China’s New Era · Hangzhou’s New Asian Games”.Of these, congcong represents the liangzhu ancient City site, named for the iconic relic, Jade Cong.The whole body is yellow to symbolize harvest, and the head decoration is taken from the symbol of Liangzhu culture “Taotie-wen”, which means “to be fearless and transcend ourselves”.Lotus stands for West Lake. Its name derives from the endless green lotus leaves in the West Lake, symbolizing the beautiful scenery of the West Lake.The headdress is in the shape of lotus leaf, with three pools reflecting the moon as the top and the Internet as the path.Chen Chen stands for the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Its name comes from gongchen Bridge, a landmark building on the Hangzhou section of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal.The body is mainly in scientific blue color, the head of the world famous Qiantang River, forehead inlaid with the pattern of Gongchen Bridge.Gongchen Bridge is the terminus of the ancient canal. When you saw this bridge, you would know that you had arrived in Hangzhou.At present, “Jiangnan memory” portfolio peripheral souvenirs are on sale, consumer enthusiasm is high, sales growth than usual 10-20 times, daily sales have reached millions, some products are out of stock.With seven months to go before the Hangzhou Asian Games, it seems that we can expect the “Jiangnan Memory” combination to become the next “top flow”.

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