Steal an electric bike home, low battery, throw it away and steal another one, still low battery

Yangtse Evening News network On February 19 (correspondent Huang Zigui reporter Zhu Dingzhao) Yancheng two men in the territory of Lianshui stolen an electric tricycle on the way back, found insufficient power, threw away after stealing a car, and because of insufficient power discarded in the roadside.After more than a month of surveillance and search, the two pest thieves were arrested by Zanshui police on February 17th.In the early morning of January 8, zhang, who lives in Huangying town, Lianshui County, reported to the police that his electric tricycle had been stolen.Police to the scene found stolen zhang old man electric three-wheel parking simple shed not locked, not far from the shed on the road also parked a newer white electric tricycle, is someone with a new car to replace the old Zhang man?Through the investigation and judgment, the police found that the white electric tricycle was coming from the direction of Lianshui City. Combined with the surveillance video along the way, they carried out investigation and finally identified the theft suspects Wu and Wang (both from Yancheng city).After more than a month of investigation, they were arrested on February 17.Two electric tricycles stolen by pest thieves.According to two people account, its in the day of the incident from Yancheng by taxi to Play in Lianshui county city, until 11 o ‘clock in the evening, Wu found the white electric tricycle parked on the road has a key, decided to steal the electric tricycle drive back to Yancheng.After stealing the car, the two drove along Highway 327 to Huangying Town, they found that the car was about to run out of electricity, so they chose farmers to commit crimes to find drivable vehicles nearby.They found the key of the electric tricycle that Zhang had parked in the simple carport on the car. They discarded the white electric tricycle with insufficient power, stole Zhang’s vehicle and continued to drive along the 327 provincial Highway to Yancheng. Later, due to the lack of power of the vehicle, they abandoned the vehicle on the roadside.According to Wu, Wang, police along the way to find zhang old man’s electric tricycle, and through the police platform to find the owner of the white tricycle Jiang, currently two electric tricycles have been sent back to the victim, Wu, Wang for the implementation of theft has been punished according to law.Proofreading Su Yun

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