The Full flavor of the New Year, but also hidden countless sad

Every Chinese New Year when I am not at home, I go out to travel with my family. This is the state of Maori, a female writer, that I pay attention to.Her New Year’s day is rich with the smell of money, which is beyond the reach of many people, but she is also thinking of a different way to celebrate the festival:Is there such a place, it emits a simple warm flavor of Chinese New Year, year, there will be a lion dance, write Spring Festival couplets package dumplings, children can go to, drill to drill point firecrackers everywhere to see drama, adult arch to tell people, happy New Year, kung hei fat choi, in the evening and the fireworks, eat dinner,Dumplings or dumplings will have a small coin wrapped, who eat everyone happy.Where can there be such a year?Such years, when I was a child, it really happened.Laba festival kitchen, New Year came, the girl to spend, the boy to cannon, the old lady to spend clothes, the little old man beat his back.As the saying goes, after the festival is the year, from 24, my grandmother took a large family began to work, 24, steamed buns, 25, sweep the house…The whole family is busy, has been busy until the New Year’s Eve.The ancient and simple warm atmosphere of Chinese New Year in Maori’s imagination is staged every day.A small rural courtyard, smoke curling in the wind, my third uncle and four uncle in a corner of the yard rehearsing lion dance performance;My grandfather in the courtyard at the long table, for the people who came to ask for Spring Festival couplets.My grandmother took my mother and I two aunts for the New Year’s day to eat busy;We kids ran out of the yard and back again, frolicking and chasing.The people who come to our house are smiling and saying happy New Year to each other and happy New Year.Is it really warm?On the face of it, yes, but if you’re a member of this family, you know that the girl who was supposed to be the third uncle’s daughter-in-law chose the fourth uncle, and the lion dance rehearsal was for the fourth uncle to earn 50 yuan from the village committee to buy the girl a gift.The third uncle was like a cow being forced to drink water under his grandmother’s scolding.Two people’s lion dance performance, there is a person in the perfunctory, lively lion head dragging a sick lion tail, this cheerful and sad performance together, would you like to see?Grandpa for the village people to write calligraphy, but grandpa willful, secretly the whole family are opposed, do not understand what grandpa do this waste of red paper money and energy.My grandmother said he was idle;My grandmother said that she hated the Chinese New Year, the Chinese New Year tired she can get rid of half the destiny, because overworked, so in a bad mood.Grandma scolds her son and daughter-in-law, and if we grandchildren get caught in the middle of a gun, she’ll call us a bunch of debt collectors.My mother and my two aunts are face and heart, two people in the fight, live can hide hide, eat can occupy more occupy.In fact, a big family with a loving mother and filial piety can’t stand scrutiny.But every family is so, many children, even when they get married as adults, they are all stirring in the same pot.Too many people have more fun, but too many people have more conflicts, quarrels, scolding, intrigues.At that time, because of poverty, because of scarcity, let us eat and wear in the New Year has more expectations.We look forward to eating meat and wearing new clothes.In comparison, I prefer the present way of Celebrating the Spring Festival. Although the smell of the Spring Festival is very weak, it is peaceful, warm and rich, which makes us less expect to eat and wear.Because we both have it.

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