The temperature in Jilin Province continued to be low from 16th to 19th as the snowfall process came to an end

Affected by the upper trough, rain and snow began to appear again in Jilin Province around noon on March 15.It is expected that the morning of 16, eastern Jilin, part of Yanbian there is a small snow;Afternoon to night, this round of snow process basically ended, most of the province mainly cloudy weather.It is estimated that there will be a light to moderate snow in the south and east of China around the 19th.Affected by the cold air, the temperature will remain low from 16th to 19th, and it is expected to rise gradually from 20th.The provincial meteorological observatory issued a blue alert for the cold wave, reminding people to do a good job of prevention.As of 08 o ‘clock on The 16th, the average precipitation in the province was 5.1 mm, and the regional distribution was as follows:Jilin 7.6 mm, Siping 7.3 mm, Changchun 7.2 mm, Songyuan 6.1 mm, Yanbian 5.3 mm, Liaoyuan 4.7 mm, Baicheng 4.3 mm, Changbai Mountain reserve 2.9 mm, Baishan 1.5 mm, Tonghua 1.4 mm.The precipitation is mainly snow or wet snow, with brief rain or sleet in some places. There is a total of 1 station in the province with blizzard, 31 stations with heavy snow and 16 stations with moderate snow.Beidhu 11.6 mm, Changchun downtown 9 mm, Jiaohe 8.7 mm, Shuangliao 8.7 mm, Helong 8.6 mm, Gujiazi 8.4 mm, Shulan 8.1 mm, Nong ‘an 8.1 mm, Shuangyang 7.9 mm, Changling 7.6 mm.In the past 12 hours (20 o ‘clock on The 15th to 8 o ‘clock on the 16th), the snow was mainly distributed in the central and eastern regions, with an average snowfall of about 1 mm. Jilin and Yanbian were the snowfall centers, with snowfall of 2 to 5 mm.At present (16 o ‘clock), eastern Jilin, Yanbian, Baishan scattered snow;Most places 2 ~ 3 westerly wind, Baicheng, Songyuan gusts 5;The lowest temperature in the morning of 16th (appeared at about 5 o ‘clock) is generally -11~-4℃, the lowest dongfeng -12.2℃, the highest Longjing -0.8℃.Affected by the cold air, the temperature continued to be low from 16th to 19th. The daily average temperature in the province was about -4℃, which was 3-4 ℃ lower than the same period of the year. The lowest temperature in all regions was generally -13 ~ -9℃, and the highest temperature was generally -3 ~ 2℃ in the eastern mountainous areas.The temperature is expected to rise gradually from July 20.Province meteorological observatory on 16 March 4 when 11 release cold blue warning: in the next 24 hours, eastern matsubara, changchun, siping, long-withering, baishan, jilin, tonghua, yanbian, changbai mountain reserve, the lowest temperature will drop by 6 ~ 8 ℃, parts can be up to 9 ~ 12 ℃, provincial emergency manage hall, the province meteorological bureau jointly warned completes the prevention work.Impact analysis and Suggestions: one is affected by the snow and cooling, the province most places there is an obvious pavement snow or ice, the influence on traffic, and across to timely cleaning the snow, the airport, railway, highway, etc need to strengthen the traffic safety management, timely emergency control measures, make the traffic channel, to avoid traffic accidents.Second, the snow is mainly wet snow, easy to lead to snow or ice power supply or communication lines, all regions need to strengthen inspection and maintenance.Three is around the need to do a good job of greenhouse insulation, reinforcement, timely removal of snow roof to prevent collapse, damage;Gardens, streets, trees, temporary buildings, etc., also need to pay attention to clear snow.Fourth, the temperature will continue to be low from June 16 to 19. Checkpoint guards, epidemic prevention and control personnel and people in urban and rural areas should add clothes in time to keep warm and prevent the occurrence or aggravation of respiratory diseases.Source: Cailian News

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