What kind of Chinese chose to emigrate to Malta these years?

In late January, the Residence Visas Authority of Malta published a new set of data: Source of Applicants for Malta’s Permanent Residence Programme (MPRP). Since 2016, 2,273 principal applicants and 5,303 affiliated applicants have obtained residence permits through the Maltese Permanent Residence Programme (MRVP and MPRP). Of these, approximately 87% of applicants are from China.It seems that the Chinese do favour Malta.Some of these people are in pursuit of a better living environment, some are in pursuit of a better education for their children…So what kind of people are suitable to emigrate to Malta?Those who are poor in foreign languages or have less time to study foreign languages are not required to take any language tests and do not need to provide IELTS or TOEFL scores.Moreover, The Chinese move to Malta without the language barriers that are common in other European countries.Malta is one of the few countries in the European Union where English is the official language.Maltese has the seventh highest prevalence of English in the world, according to data.European and American countries have clear provisions on the age of applicants’ children. For example, the United States and European countries require children not more than 18 years old and unmarried, and even some countries have requirements on children’s education background.Malta is very relaxed.Children over the age of 18 can accompany them regardless of their age as long as they are unmarried, studying full-time or financially dependent.Most traditional immigration countries only allow the main applicant to bring his/her spouse and children with him/her. If he/she wants to bring his/her parents with him/her, he/she needs to go through immigration reunions, which is time-consuming and time-consuming, not to mention grandparents and maternal grandparents.In this regard, Malta has given the green light.The only country in Europe that allows four generations of immigrants is Malta, where there is no age limit for accompanying parents and grandparents, who are financially independent and dependent on the main applicant.In Malta, four generations of Chinese immigrants live under one roof.Malta is also a great place to retire, having repeatedly been named one of the best places in the world to retire and topping the list of the best places in the UK to retire.It is not complicated for those who do not want to invest too much money and seek stability and convenience to immigrate to Malta. They can obtain permanent residence status by donating a corresponding amount to the government.Compared with other European immigrant countries, Malta also has low requirements in terms of capital investment. Only 28,000 euros is required for donation, which is a cost-effective project in the current market and effectively reduces economic pressure.It is worth mentioning that there is no language, record of formal schooling, business background and other requirements, fast handling, high success rate.The British education philosophy has produced a large number of outstanding talents active in various fields, making Britain a popular destination for Chinese parents to study abroad.You don’t have to be in the UK to get a proper British education. Malta is one of them!Malta follows the traditional British education system. Most of its teachers graduated from Oxford, Cambridge and other prestigious universities. The overall quality of education in Malta ranks among the top in the world and is honored as “High Quality EU Learning Zone” by the EU.Here, public schools are free;Private schools are cheap, only one-third of those in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou;The international school adopts internationally recognized curriculum system and examination system (IB/A-level/AP) to seamlessly connect with famous universities in Europe and America.Maltese status and the right to study in any EU country;If their parents move to another EU country to work, their children can enjoy free language education in that country to help them adapt to the local education system as soon as possible. In the future, they can also have natural advantages to be admitted to European universities, and they can return to China to take the joint examination for overseas Chinese students and get admitted to domestic universities with low scores.The digital nomad epidemic of paid travel across Europe has led to an unprecedented improvement in the online working environment, allowing more people to join the ranks of “digital nomads,” or nomads, who are earning money while traveling without the constraints of fixed work places and addresses.They can be social media operators, travel vloggers, photographers, web designers, illustrators, documentary directors, programmers, coin circle practitioners, marketers, professional consultants and other remote office workers…Last June, Malta introduced the “digital Ronin” visa program, which is valid for one year and can be renewed indefinitely.During the visa validity period, the holder and family members can not only live and study in Malta, as Malta is a member of the European Union and the Schengen country, so the whole family can travel throughout Europe.Recently, a post-1995 IT professional successfully applied for Malta’s “digital Ronin” visa through WaILIAN. His main purpose is to travel around The whole Europe while working remotely. What he values most is the advantage of the visa to travel to EU countries and the Schengen Area.From the preparation of relevant application materials to the final approval of the visa, it only took one month.If you don’t fall into any of these six categories, be very careful before you decide to move to Malta.If you fall into one of these categories, hold on tight.As A golden foothold in Europe, Asia and Africa, Malta is expected to gradually lift its quarantine policy in February 2022, and global investors will flock to Malta from all sides to compete for the best investment opportunities after the epidemic.The “digital Ronin” visa is the best choice if you want to land on the beach as quickly as possible and provide an in-depth opportunity for subsequent investment and permanent residency.

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