“3.15” Consumer rights protection Day: Zigong Fire Protection teaches you to distinguish the authenticity of fire protection products

As a public safety product, the quality of fire products is directly related to the safety of people’s lives and property.On the eve of the “3.15” consumer rights and interests Protection Day, Zigong Fire rescue Detachment carried out a fire protection product “anti-counterfeiting” publicity activity in “China Lantern World”.The activity site showed different types of fire extinguishers, fire alarms and other fire products, firefighters introduced to the crowd in detail the use of various products, matters needing attention, and how to log in the “China Fire Product Information network” to verify product ID identification, so as to identify the authenticity of fire products.A citizen who participated in the activity said that he had a new understanding of the fire facilities and equipment products around him through the firefighters’ on-site explanation, and his ability to identify fake and shoddy fire products had been further improved.In the next step, zigong Fire rescue Detachment will seize the opportunity of “3.15” consumer rights and interests Protection Day, cooperate with relevant departments to crack down on the illegal acts of manufacturing and selling fake and shoddy fire products, and further maintain the market order of fire products.Strengthen the publicity and education of social fire control products, improve the consciousness and initiative of the masses to pay attention to the quality of fire control products and resist fake and substandard fire control products, and effectively guarantee the public safety of fire control.Editor: Xiong Dan Editor: Shu Xuhui

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