Blockbuster!Alipay has just established a company with registered capital of 200 million

According to Chacha, Sass Digital Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was established on February 14 with the legal representative of Ni Junjun. The registered capital is 200 million RMB and the business scope includes software development.Information system integration service;Computer system services, etc.Equity penetration chart shows that the company is indirectly wholly-owned by Alipay (Hangzhou) Information Technology Co., LTD.Public information shows that Ni Junjun (Miao Renfeng), the legal representative of Sass Digital Technology (Beijing) Co., LTD., is a partner of Ali and president of Ant Financial Alipay Business Group. He joined Ali in 2003 and is a core member of the founding team of Alipay. He wrote the first code of Alipay.Ni Junjun has served as programmer, product architect, industry product technical leader and executive vice monitor of Alipay. He has participated in the planning of technical architecture of alipay for various generations and the implementation and implementation of several major business strategies, such as Quick Payment, Alipay Wallet and offline payment.Majored in Accounting informatization in Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics;He majored in EMBA in China Europe International Business School for his master’s degree.According to POS circle payment network speculation, according to the name and business scope of Sass Digital Technology Company, the company’s business or related to SaaS services.SaaS stands for software-as-A-Service, meaning “Software as a service”.In the industry, SaaS is referred to as software operations or soft business.The construction of SaaS system is based on the application mode of providing software services on the Internet.In the 21st century, the concept of SaaS began to break the traditional concept of software, SaaS model with the development of Internet technology and the maturity of application software constantly improve, is the latest trend in the development of software technology.SaaS platform providers deploy application software on their own servers. Customers can order the required application software services from the vendor through the Internet according to the actual work needs, and pay fees to the vendor according to the number of ordered services and the length of time, and obtain the services provided by the SaaS platform provider through the Internet.SaaS applications come in free, paid, and value-added models.Payment is usually an “all-inclusive” fee, which includes the usual application license fee, software maintenance fee, and technical support fee, lumped together as a monthly rental fee for each user.SaaS is not just for small and medium sized businesses, but for businesses of all sizes.Then there is IaaS, infrastructure as a service;PaaS, platform as a service;DaaS, data as a service.

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