Concubines in ancient times had very low status!But there was one “privilege” that even his wife envied

In ancient feudal society, men were inferior to women. In many rich families, there were three wives and four concubines.However, these concubines were not of high rank, only better than the servants;However, despite their low status, these concubines did have a “privilege” that even their wives would envy!▲ In ancient times it was common for rich families to have concubines.When I was watching costume dramas, I often saw some concubines leading a prosperous life, even bullying their first wives.However, from the rules established by the ancients, it was far from as simple as we see. Concubines in ancient times were not considered as wives. They were just tools for the rich to vent their animal desires or carry on the family line, and they were unworthy or unqualified to be their wives.▲ Concubines had a very low status in ancient times.This paper studies the origin of “concubine”. According to historical records, “concubine” refers to female slaves in the early Qin Dynasty. Under the slavery system, male masters often had sexual relations with female slaves, and even made female slaves exclusive to male masters’ sexual objects, so the meaning of concubine began to change.As a result, concubines were no different from slave girls from the very beginning.Later, concubine refers specifically to the 4th wife.For example, in the Scholars’ History, The Second and second Times: “Yu Weng should have accompanied me, but his seventh concubine was ill. I asked the doctor Song Renlao to come and see me. My brother wanted to consult with him and tell him for the time being.””Outlaws of the Marsh” the second six back: “mountain wife concubine family meal, do not harm acacia do not damage money.”Concubine here with his wife “little wife” is relatively small, while those concubines from social status and individual treatment, are far worse than huotang legally wife, but they have a even enviable privilege huotang legally wife, this privilege, although it is difficult to use, but once use, but it can save the souls of the concubines;This privilege was that when the male master had committed a major crime and was executed by the government, the concubines were excluded from the family and were not considered members of the clan.▲ In ancient times, concubines were even sold as commodities.In Chinese history, children born to concubines were called concubines, and those born to legitimate wives were called legitimate wives. Normally, unless the legitimate wife had no children, children born to concubines were not entitled to titles or hereditary rights.On mobile property, the illegitimate children have part of the property inheritance rights, but generally lower than the legitimate children.According to the Law of The Ming Dynasty, “Every male with a wife or concubine in the wife’s blood shall be divided equally according to the number of children, except for those under the leadership of an official.”Since a concubine is not an official wife of the master, nor does it enter the family tree, it is not technically a member of the family.Second, concubines in ancient times could be traded and replaced at will, and their personal rights were not guaranteed. These women would not affect the ruling of the dynasty, nor disrupt the social order, but were treated as commodities, so there was no need to kill them.In ancient times, concubines could be bought, sold and replaced at will.

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