Control of violations | “zero tolerance” “out of action” Sangzhi County Chen Jiahe town charge of violations in action

Massachusetts moment zhangjiajie February 10 – (correspondent Peng Mengjun) to resolutely curb scrambling to expand, built before batch, LuanZhan arable land, illegal use of land and other kinds of illegal construction, promote the rural revitalization, establishing a good planning and construction order, cultivate land in accordance with the law and the construction of good social ethos, sangzhi Chen Jiahe town set up illegal structures MoPai work leading group,Sink to each village (community) to collect and sort out the illegal construction information of the whole town, and summarize it in time.At the same time, the staff and the village (community) two committees of the cadres take the initiative, daily inspection, strengthen the source control, to achieve zero growth of illegal construction.Recently, Chen Jiahe town organized the town commission for discipline inspection, administrative comprehensive law enforcement brigade, natural resources, town governance violation office and other departments, sent out excavators and related vehicles, according to law to Chen Jiahe town Yanbi Village Peng Jia group an area of about 30 square meters of illegal buildings to be demolished.To do a good job, charged with violations CaWei mass Chen Jiahe town will continue to give full play to the leading role of public opinion, through the party member conference, WuChang, using “coverage rang” radio, posted and distributing leaflets, update WeChat number multiple channels, such as public about the harm caused by illegal use of land and penalties, eliminate some fluky psychology of the masses.At present, has demolished 2 illegal buildings, a total of 70 square meters, in the town to form a deterrent effect.Charged with violations CaWei is a long game, the next step, Chen Jiahe town to set up the ideas of red line, continue to strengthen the linkage, condominium,, should curb the illegal construction in the bud, firmly advance the control with zero tolerance violations CaWei, investigated the law enforcement inspection found in illegal behavior, let people really see changes, to create a good atmosphere of land use according to regulation in accordance with the law.

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