Douluo mainland: gain benefit from the killing capital of Tang SAN, why would destroy the killing capital?

In Douro continent, there are some very precious places of cultivation, such as the killing capital.Anyone who can complete the victory in the hell killing field and successfully cross the hell road can not only get the title of god killing, but also get a domain skill – god killing field.For Tang three, kill god field brought him benefits, numerous.But why from the killing of the benefits, Tang three will choose to destroy the killing of the capital?What kind of place is Killing Capital?In tang three to the killing of the capital experience, his father told him, there is only killing, no morality, want to live, you must constantly kill others.The killing capital, then, is a cold-blooded testing ground.As the killing of the capital of the guide, black yarn girl told Tang three, the killing of the capital is the paradise of evil, there are no rules here.But is this really the killing capital?It’s not.The city of slaughter is just a secret place of shura heritage defiled by the Rakshas.It was originally created for the inheritance of the Shura god.But it became bloodthirsty and dark after being defiled by the Roshas.And the killing capital, on the other hand, is a prison.Those extremely evil soul division, are attracted to the killing capital, and here is a can not go out of the place.So personally, its existence is necessary.02 tang three so-called justice, but is sanwa presumptuously take tang hu column, hand in hand through hell road, after through the last shut, tang three will realize the most terrible hell road crossing is not external things, but their own demons, it was he who have blue and silver areas and spirit of condensing the wisdom of the skull, so was not affected by what.And the killing of the capital is the root of the fallen soul mixed with poison formed by the yellow water!If tang three really like he said that rich sense of justice!It would never have been the kiss of a snow swan to hasten the healing of the liquid.However, tang three just took out the snow swan kiss, will turn into the world without medicine to poison.To know, even if the existence of the killing capital is very secret, once the whole killing capital of the yellow water has become the world incurable deadly poison, that will be what a disaster?Even if the killing of all the people were poisoned, so these poison will not be leaked to the douro mainland up?How many people will be affected, and how many will be poisoned to death?And Tang Three, choose to use snow swan kiss to destroy the killing capital, is obviously there is a great risk.Because that’s a better way to deal with it than to leave the killing capital there.After all, the rules of the killing capital are there, in and out!In thousands of years, the killing capital has produced only ten killing gods.The existence of the killing capital, to a certain extent, is still contributing to the peace of the Douro continent.So, tang three processing methods, in fact, just ambition, is for their own interests.3 Tang Three why to destroy the killing capital?In the killing of the capital of the two years, although every time tang three danger huansheng, but also did suffer a lot of crime, ribs are broken a few.So for the killing of the capital, Tang three is full of hostility, he hates the people here, more hate this bloody fight.So, he just wants to destroy this place, doesn’t exist for justice.Moreover, there is a more important reason, is to follow the coherence of the plot.Tang three destroy the killing of the capital, thus causing the king of the killing to find Tang Three, so as to restore sanity, hao Tian order to tang three and a series of plots.So from this point of view, perhaps tang three destroy the killing of the capital, just a very ordinary paving the way.Well, this is the end of today’s content, more exciting content and animation information, we will see you next time.

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