Ice dun dun dun “one for each” “free”?Fake!Fujian is under strict investigation

If you ask who is the top mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympics these days, Bing Dwen Dwen, you must have a seat

Recently, many wechat public accounts in order to attract fans have been hot hot launch of the Olympic Games “Ice dun dun” free lottery activities known as “one per person” “free to send” ↓↓↓ ↓
Recently, provincial network information Office inspection found that some we-media accounts released “limited edition Olympic Ice dun dun all Fujian free gift! Each person 1! Celebrate the success of the Winter Olympic Games!””Title party” articles, suspected of borrowing the Winter Olympics malicious marketing, hype, attract fans and other illegal profit activities, damaged the network ecological order.

Many friends believe that this kind of wechat also forwarded to the circle of friends
Provincial network information department
Has cooperated with the public security, market supervision and other departments
Carry out severe investigations

Reminder!!The Internet is not outlaw!Hope the Internet public account operators strictly abide by the laws and regulations and follow, disgraceful consideration to fulfill social responsibility, adhere to the correct political orientation, value orientation, public opinion guidance, carry forward the socialist core values, production release up to good quality information content, develop positive and healthy network culture and jointly create a clear network space.

Fujian Internet Reporting Platform:

Illegal behavior of network content practitioners
Report email:
There are two types of scams that have caught the attention of the Winter Olympics.
The second is “empty-handed white Wolf”, just under the guise of “Winter Olympics souvenirs”, after receiving the transfer of buyers blocked.Watch out for these scams, too.Counterfeit Olympic official website fraud criminals through constructing a false games website, on the website for the so-called “lucky draw” “games are limited edition commemorative stamps flash” commemorative “games are snapping up” and other activities, enticing for online registration, the parties lead to personal information leakage, even the money in the bank card is transferred.?In the name of the enterprise launched false winning information “congratulations, in the company held to welcome the Winter Olympics in the return of the first prize in the lottery, you will get 18,800 yuan bonus, and the value of 10,000 yuan a laptop.”If you receive such a “winning” message, take it with a grain of salt.They will ask you to wire money until you “bleed out” under the pretext that you need a security deposit or to cover mailing costs.Anti-fraud tips ↓↓↓
For all kinds of lotteries related to the Winter Olympics, it is best to log on to the official winter Olympics website or check with the authorities.
Encounter the need to pay in advance “advance payment” “deposit” “poundage” and other circumstances, the possibility of fraud is great, must not be credulous.Do not easily click unidentified links and web pages, do not easily disclose their identity information, deposit information, bank card information on the Internet.Once found cheated, should be the first time to dial 96110, or log in fujian Internet reporting platform ( to report!Is “wild ice dun Dun” infringing?
It is reported that the cartoon image of “Bing Dwen Dwen” and “Xue Rong Rong” obviously constitutes a work of art, which is protected by the copyright law.The copyright owner (Beijing Organizing Committee for the Winter Olympic Games) reserves the right to prohibit other people from using the work without his permission, including the development, dissemination and sale of derivative products representing the work.The copyright of “Bing Dwen Dwen” and “Xue Rong Rong” is also restricted by article 24 of the Copyright Law on fair use of works.
If you make the images of “Bing Dwen Dwen” and “Xue Rong Rong” into patterns similar to emoticons and spread them on the Internet without permission of the organizing committee, it is also an infringement, even if it does not involve fees.”If the copyright is only used for personal enjoyment, such as weaving the pattern on scarves, gloves and other personal articles for personal use, it will not damage the legitimate rights and interests of copyright owners and does not constitute infringement,” said a person in charge of fuzhou Market Supervision Administration.But if the ‘Bing Dwen Dwen’ is used commercially, without authorization, it constitutes infringement, as do other Olympic symbols.”

Source: Netcredit Fujian, Xinhua News Agency, Legal Daily, Fuzhou Evening News
Editors: Yang Yun, Lai Xuhua
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