Rain and snow weather opened, gusu district on the sampling point warm surging

Since last night, affected by the warm and humid air flow from the southwest and weak cold air from the north, It has been cloudy and rainy in Suzhou City. Considering the current need to fight the epidemic and effectively prevent the further spread of the epidemic, the whole district has taken swift action to build a solid protective barrier.Cold spring, but also bursts of warmth.This morning, a beautiful blue scenery line warmed the hearts of residents at the sampling point of Xiyuan Community Product Garden, Huqiu Street, Gusu District.Due to the slow network speed of sampling and input system, the speed of nucleic acid detection is affected.In view of the long waiting time, the staff and volunteers immediately moved the community stool to a point, to the people in need of relay, rest their feet, at the same time, the property also prepared hot ginger soup distributed to the residents, let everyone warm their hearts and bodies.Many detection points in the community are temporarily set up, rainy weather, how to ensure electricity, to solve the lighting problem become difficult?Xia Siyong, who lives in caixiang village, district 5, took the initiative to say after hearing this problem: “Our home is closest to the point, and the power of the emergency lighting can be pulled out from the meter box in my home, so decided, we quickly pull it!”Master Xia’s coming forward timely solved the power demand of the temporary sampling site. 16 days ago, the community timely contacted the electrician to complete the “lighting project”, which ensured the smooth progress of nucleic acid testing in the rainy weather of the whole community.In order to ensure orderly regional nucleic acid testing in the coming rain and snow weather, osmanthus community organized volunteers to set up outdoor tents at three nucleic acid testing sites in gusu District on October 16. In order to reduce the inconvenience of transportation on rainy days, the community also prepared sufficient epidemic prevention materials at the sites.Xiyuan Community and Nanhuan Second Community also set up emergency tents overnight to facilitate the epidemic prevention and control work in Nanhuan New Village.In addition, each point also prepared warm baby, hot drinks and other cold items, for community residents to disperse bursts of cold.It is reported that since the outbreak of the epidemic, Gusu district has strengthened the supply of epidemic prevention materials to railway stations, sanitation stations, community volunteers and other key locations and personnel. By the evening of May 17, more than 170,000 disposable masks, more than 50,000 protective suits and 1,686 tents had been distributed.At present, relevant units are continuing to replenish and consume supplies to ensure adequate supplies.Aunt Li Huiqin learned that she would have to take a regional nucleic acid test early in the morning. She got up at 2 am to prepare breakfast for community workers, steamed buns and boiled eggs, and sent them to the hands of front-line workers.”It is this sense of mission and responsibility, so that our community staff can send out their own weak light, we will be obliged to turn back, resolutely win this hard battle!”Aunt Li’s warm heart action also aroused the firm confidence of front-line workers.At present, “retrograde” is a call for responsibility and responsibility.In the face of the epidemic, volunteers, entrepreneurs and businesses born after 2000 have taken the initiative to shoulder their social responsibilities and fully support the epidemic prevention and control work. They have donated protective materials and formed a team to fight the epidemic.”Pony, I need help here……”Ma Guohao, a graduate student from Renmin University of China, has been volunteering at the nucleic acid testing site in Huqiu Street, Huqiu Road.After seeing the “youth volunteer recruitment order” on his wechat moments, he went to the community at 7 a.m. to register as a volunteer.These days, Ma Guo Hao along with the community supplies support personnel running at every point.On February 14, gusu District Committee issued the “Young volunteers Recruitment order”, young volunteers actively participated in the group reached the maximum number of scanning codes in just 4 hours.There are many young volunteers like Ma Guohao in every street of Gusu District, shuttling between nucleic acid testing, bayonet guard duty, material delivery and other links.By February 18, the District Committee of the Gusu Youth League had mobilized more than 680 young volunteers, with more than 1,000 people participating in the front-line epidemic prevention and control.By the noon of the 18th, the youth Chamber of Commerce had donated more than 80,000 yuan.Yuancheng technology, Jicheng culture, Location (Suzhou)……A group of enterprises set up volunteer teams to rush to the front line of epidemic prevention and control and devote themselves to the intense epidemic prevention and control work.Suzhou Zhu Ji Shunhe Catering Management Co., LTD., Yu Mian Tang Catering, Pucheng Dairy (Group) Co., LTD.A number of enterprises continue to provide free meals for volunteers, building a secure logistics support force for them.The epidemic is ruthless, people have feelings.There are also many unnamed caring people whose warm care has become a torch, inspiring those working on the front lines of the fight against the epidemic and lighting up and warming the city.(Pan Xinjie)

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