“Study party history every day” Qian Xuesen’s five major choices, behind what kind of feelings of family and country?

Qian Xuesen once said: “My career is in China, my destination is in China.”His heart worries about the country, assiduous study, life aspirations of the choice and the nation, the fate of the country closely linked.Qian Xuesen made five important choices in his life.Qian xuesen’s first big choice was about applying for a university.Qian xuesen’s middle school math teacher thought he was talented in mathematics and wanted him to apply for the department of mathematics.The Chinese teacher thinks qian xuesen’s essay is very good, and hopes he can apply for the Chinese department and become a writer in the future.Qian’s mother wanted him to follow in his father’s footsteps and pursue a career in education.His music and art teacher thought qian was talented and suggested that he learn painting and composition.At that time, however, Qian xuesen was influenced by Sun Yat-sen’s idea of “saving the country by industry”. He decided to study railway engineering, build railways for China and become an engineer like Jm Tianyou.Finally, Qian enrolled in the school of Mechanical Engineering at Jiaotong University, majoring in railway mechanical engineering.021932, Japanese planes bombed Shanghai crazily, the January 28th Incident broke out.Qian xuesen, who was also studying railway mechanical engineering at National Jiaotong University, felt the importance of developing aviation and made the second major choice in his life: he changed his major to aviation engineering.In his spare time, he read all the books on aviation in the campus library.It was a good story in school.In 1934, Qian xuesen graduated from the Department of Mechanics, Jiaotong University, majoring in railway Engineering. In the same year, he was admitted to tsinghua University for the second class of government-funded students to study in the United States with excellent results, and began his journey in the aviation field.In the course of studying aeronautical engineering, Qian Xuesen felt that aeronautical engineering was basically based on experience, with little theoretical guidance.If we can master aviation theory and use it to guide aviation engineering, we can get twice the result with half the effort.So Qian made his third major choice: he changed his career from being an aeronautical engineer to studying aerospace theory.Qian applied to the California Institute of Technology, then the leading institution of aeronautical theory, and went there alone. He knocked on the office door of his future mentor, Professor Von Karman.After an oral examination, Professor von Karman was so pleased with the young man that he accepted him.Under the tutelage of von Karman, Qian soon became an outstanding scientist in aviation theory.He proposed the “Karman-Qian approximate formula”, which solved the mathematical calculation problem of the shell deformation of aircraft at high speed.Joining the cutting-edge rocket team at Caltech;To become a world-renowned expert in rocket jet propulsion;Became the youngest tenured professor at MIT.After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Qian Xuesen went through all kinds of hardships and finally returned to his motherland.The need of the country made him make the fourth major choice in his life: to turn from academic theoretical research to large-scale scientific research project construction.In his later years, Qian Xuesen once said to his secretary, “ACTUALLY, I am good at academic and theoretical research, but I do not know much about engineering. However, the country needs me to do something, and I was not afraid of anything at that time, so I agreed without thinking too much.Qian Xuesen took the needs of the country as his choice of work and devoted his whole life to China’s space industry without hesitation.After more than half a century of development, China has become one of the world’s major aerospace powers, with the comprehensive development of missiles, arrows, rockets, satellites, ships and spacecraft.Qian Xuesen has excellently fulfilled the task entrusted to him by the state.In 1982, Qian Xuesen was already 70 years old when he retired from the administrative leadership post. By this time, he was already successful and he could rest completely, writing memoirs and making reports…However, Qian xuesen made the fifth major choice in his life: to return to academic research again.From the age of 70 to 85, Qian xuesen has put forward a series of new ideas, ideas and theories in the fields of systems science, thinking science, human science, geography science, military science, behavioral science, architectural science and Marxist philosophy with his unique research perspective.At that time full of courage and dreams, Qian Xuesen opened a broad sky for China’s space industry with his passion and firm belief of serving the motherland.Qian xuesen’s five choices were all made by integrating his ardent patriotism into his study and work.It is also inspiring to see a generation of scientists who align their personal interests with the pressing needs of their country.”The only way to find meaning in life is to devote yourself to something larger than yourself.”A key
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Review: Li Tonghua Duty editor: Golifi manuscript source: Communist Party member

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